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On 'Fox and Friends,' 'Mexico' Means 'Illegal'

Reported by Judy - March 12, 2007 -

Illegal immigration forms a constant theme on Fox News' weak morning show, so it was no surprise Monday (March 12, 2007) to have three segments, plus teasers, on the topic during the two-hour show. But with so much coverage of illegal immigration, viewers might expect the show co-hosts to be better informed. Of course, they would be disappointed. With video.

The co-hosts of "Fox and Friends" featured a segment on the mayor of New Bedford, Mass., demanding tax incentives back from a company that was supposed to employ local unemployed people under a multi-million-dollar contract defense contract. But when law enforcement officials raided the MBI plant recently, it found that the company employed mostly illegal immigrants under deplorable conditions.

Co-host Steve Doocy apparently was reading from a Washington Times article when he mentioned the working conditions, such as one roll of toilet paper per stall per day and various fines for talking on the job and so on because his language was nearly identical to the newspaper's.

Doocy noted that the people spoke five different languages, but he didn't attempt to list the countries from which the workers were from. Instead, as Doocy spoke, Fox News ran video showing a Mexico border crossing.

Yet, had Doocy done research in places besides the right-wing Times, he would have found out that the workers were from multiple countries, not just Mexico. According to the New Bedford Standard Times: "Most are from Guatemala, El Salvador and other Central American countries."

Too complex for Doocy to handle. He likes to keep things simple, as in "Illegal" equals "Mexico."