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John Gibson and Dick Morris Weed Republican Field

Reported by Deborah - March 12, 2007 -

Dick Morris didn't mention Hillary Clinton at all today on Big Story. He and Gibson were too busy guiding the viewers to the choice Republican picks which turned out to be Rudy Guiliani and Fred Thompson. 3/12/07

Gibson claimed that a lot of people call Rudy Guiliani a SOB because he's so tough. Morris thought it was good for Guiliani to be seen as a tough guy because of terrorism.

McCain was completely dismissed. First they questioned his age adding two years stating he will be 72 by the election. Morris thought age was a big issue with voters. McCain was then described as " pale, bleached out". So he was chalked off.

Chuck Hagel wasn't even a serious consideration. Giving him 0% in the polls, Morris declared him to be " to the extreme left of the Republicans"

Gibson seemed to light up slightly when he suggested Fred Thompson. Morris thought it was better to go from politics to acting rather than acting to politics since Thompson returned to his acting career after his time in the Senate. There was a definite hint of approval there but he added that Thompson had to first " step over three dead bodies", Gingrich, Romney, and McCain. He reminded Gibson that Edwards had such a hard time in 2004 because he got a late start.

comment: According to the recent polls John McCain is not a dead body yet. He's just a bit "pale, bleached out" like a dead body. It's interesting to note that Dick Morris is a bipartisan hit man. Who says FOX News isn't fair and balanced?