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Fox Guest Excuses Gonzales By Saying The Democrats Went After Rumsfeld, Too

Reported by Donna - March 12, 2007 -

On a segment of You Decide 08 on Studio B with Shepard Smith today he spoke with Democratic strategist Bob Beckel and former national spokesman for the 2004 Bush/Cheney campaign, Reed Dickens.

The beginning of the segment said that anti war Senator Chuck Hagel has not made up his mind whether to run for president or not, he'll decide later in the year.

Smith said Senator Chuck Schumer said that for the sake of the nation, Alberto Gonzalez should step down. He said that Alberto Gonzales is putting politics above the law citing the FBI's abuse of the Patriot Act and the firing of 8 U.S. Attorney Generals for political reasons.

Beckel said that Schumer was making a legitimate point and for reasons that only Alberto Gonzales knows he has been more loyal to the president of the United States than to the constitution of the United States. He said the U.S. Patriot Act has been a problem from the beginning, they promised no abuses and there have been abuses and since he's the one in charge of it he should be the one to step down. He said that it did go to the U.S. attorneys getting fired and to keep in mind that they brought in political people in New Mexico who were making calls to the U.S. Attorneys office themselves which is very unusual and 30 days before an election which begins to smell of politics.

Smith asked Reed about it. He said that the U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president, they did under Clinton and they do under this president. When it comes to the Patriot Act he said these people come to work everyday with one thing in mind, to protect the American people and Congress is to provide oversight. And he said that Congress should not get over political in it's oversight.

Smith pointed out that this story came from a CBS news program and Arlen Spector didn't say that Gonzales should go but did say there had been some problems. Smith said to him it sounded like there may be some agreement (between Spector and Schumer). Reed said Spector said they needed more facts and he did acknowledge that there had been some problems. He said there were no secrets that there had been problems.

When Smith asked Reed if he understood why they would call for Gonzales to step down Reed answered by saying obviously they had called for Rumsfeld to step down for two years. He said he understands that politics does play a lot in this.

Smith asked Beckel if this was going to go anyplace and Beckel said he thought it would. He said the pressure is going to be kept up, that we were in an election year, early, but in an election year and Gonzales is going to be a focal point for a lot of Democrats. These FBI and National Security letters have been a problem for many years and that there had been contact with the U.S. attorneys and Congress, but it finally took a Democratic Congress to bring it out. It should have been brought out before but Gonzales do so.

Comment: I liked when Smith asked Reed if Gonzalez should step down he referred to Rumsfeld. Yes the Democrats (and some Republicans) had been after Rumsfeld to resign for two years and maybe we all would have been better off if it had happened 2 years earlier. But to compare him to Gonzalez is not a good thing.