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Enema of the week - #6

Reported by Chrish - March 12, 2007 -

We might have waited too long already to get back to Bill O'Reilly since his first therapeutic hosing January 28th. He's so full of crap it's spilling out his mouth. Video after the jump.

On Thursday's show O'Reilly tried to tie the horrific fire in the Bronx which killed ten children whose parents were originally from Mali, West Africa to the American illegal immigration problems. He has no idea whether the families are here legally or not, and he said as much citing New York City's "sanctuary city" status.

Nonetheless, he used these deaths to bolster hiis contention that the "pro-amnesty, open borders crowd" and ACLU lawyers are defending illegal immigrants' rights in order to keep the families together. The other news item he used was a recent bust of a New Bedford (MA) business where numerous illegal immigrants had been employed. Sixty of the bustees have been released to care for their children.

The rest of the segment was a debate (unfair and unbalanced, although two opposing views were represented.) Attorney Susan Church, who supports amnesty and guest worker programs, was constantly interrupted, overtalked, misquted and badgered. Despite BOR's best efforts she did not stop speaking, though it was difficult to make out what she was saying.

On Friday O'Reilly read an email from a former fan who swore off O'Reilly forever for his callous treatment of the dead fire victims. O'Reilly replied with the ugliest, angriest rant yet (video below). Again he made the issue illegal immigration (even though he reiterated that he doesn't know if the families are here legally) and accused the viewer of being responsible, with his compassionate attitude towards immigrants, for the conditions that lead to the deaths.

But the news was not about immigration, it was about children dying in a house fire. O'Reilly, ever ready to twist everything to further his agenda, exploited those children to fatten his case against people who support a different outlook than his. The master of the "no-spin zone" is full of **it.