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Unhinged O'Reilly says compassionate viewers responsible for deaths of eight children in Bronx fire

Reported by Chrish - March 11, 2007 -

Friday night 3/9/07 O'Reilly stated that because New York is a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, he couldn't determine whether the children killed in a Bronx row-house fire (whose parents were originally from Mali, West Africa) were in the US legally. O'Reilly has lost at least one viewer over his comments Thursday about the eight children. With video.

The ex-viewer wrote “O'Reilly, it was despicable to hear you question the status of those children. I was a big fan of yours but I'll never watch you again and I urge others who feel compassion for immigrants not to watch you as well.” Now, we all know how thin-skinned and righteous O'Reilly is, so rather than responding privately to the viewer the big BOR used his national platform to scold, insult, and ultimately blame the viewer and others like him for the deaths of the children.

Yes, his “so-called compassion” helped kill those kids, because they should never have been in those circumstances. (According to O'Reilly, there were 17 kids and 5 adults living in the home, including a man with two wives.) It's against the law to “overcrowd a dwelling”, to have two wives, and if any of them are here illegally, that is another infraction. But, he shouted, NYC looks the other way - “it” doesn't want to know. It is people like Abraham (the letter-writer) who look the other way while greedy landlords and businesses exploit poor workers and children, because you (jabs) don't like the immigration laws! Yeah, it's great to be compassionate sitting at home, watching the tube! (Said with such a sneer of contempt; nice way to endear your viewers.) But for decades the government has allowed people from all over the world to walk in here without supervision! THAT'S WHY THESE CHILDREN ARE DEAD! (He has really lost any semblance of professionalism by now.) Because their situation was ignored by NYC authorities.

Comment: I wonder how much more O'Reilly and his colleagues are willing to pay in local taxes so that “the authorities” can address every potentially dangerous situation, with the requisite legal counsel to ensure respect of civil rights, and make sure that no-one ever dies in a tragedy again. How much is Utopia worth to him?

Calming down a little, he cited a FOX News poll that said 67% of Americans want the border secured and the flow of illegal immigrants stopped. The folks understand that no good comes from chaos and ignoring laws set up to protect everyone. (What a perfect segue into a condemnation of the FBI's abuse of the so-called “Patriot” Act and the Bush administration's domestic spying habits – ya think?) He wrapped up by saying that the open-borders amnesty crowd has no solutions, and that's why tragedies like the Bronx fire continue to happen.

Wow. All the guy said was that he was disgusted that O'Reilly brought the children's legal status up in reporting on the tragedy. O'Reilly's clumsy mixing of news and agenda-driven outrage has backfired yet again. Sometimes politics are best left out of the story.