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Fred Barnes Smears FoxAttack Campaign and John Edwards

Reported by Deborah - March 10, 2007 -

The Beltway Boys had some choice words for John Edwards because he chose not to participate in the Fox sponsored debate in Nevada and also went after the victorious campaign orchestrated by Robert Greenwald and Moveon calling all involved " junior grade Stalinists."

Edwards got a down arrow from the B Boys and Fred Barnes blamed the " Moveon left wing liberals not in favor of free speech". Barnes claimed they just wanted to stop it because it's a Fox thing. When he used the " junior grade Stalinist" slur, Mort Kondracke emphatically agreed.

Then they started in on Edwards ridiculing him for his references to Jesus helping the poor. Barnes said, "Jesus would be appalled at the 6 million he spent on his house and he wants to " deal with poverty with other people's money."

Kondracke claimed Jesus would say, " It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a trial lawyer to get into heaven."