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Scarborough Responds To Bill O'Reilly's Incessant Attacks.

Reported by Deborah - March 9, 2007 -

Today Joe Scarborough responded to Bill O'Reilly's attacks on Richard Engle during is TPM last night, 3/8/07. BOR claimed that Engle didn't mention the government stats showing the violence in Iraq had gone down by 80% choosing only to report the negative because he was anti-war. Scarborough claimed the opposite was true, that Engle did mention the statistics in his report and his observations have been very positive and also pointed out that O'Reilly was attacking Engle from the safety of the FOX News studio. Scarborough's guests Craig Crawford and Ryan Lizza joined in to give O'Reilly a well earned dose of his own medicine.

Craig Crawford, Congressional Quarterly, said that O'Reilly's show is always " centered on hating someone" adding that after destroying CBS, O'Reilly has made NBC the new whipping post. Crawford described O'Reilly as a " provocateur' rather than a journalist.

Scarborough asked the key question, " Isn't it all about Keith Olberman?" Both guests thought this was the case.

Lizza suggested that maybe it's best to ignore people like O'Reilly because he's not really taken seriously. Crawford strongly disagreed saying " It's critical to respond!"

comment: O'Reilly will have a field day with this exchange trying to turn himself into the victim. However, BOR needs to realize that people have really had enough and if he keeps crossing that line, it's all over.