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Breaking: Nevada Democrats pull out of FOX News sponsored Democratic presidential debate

Reported by Chrish - March 9, 2007 -

With over a quarter of a million signatures in two weeks and countless phone calls to individual campaigns, the Democratic Party of Nevada got the message loud and clear: FOX News is not a legitimate news organization and should not be dignified by sponsoring a Democratic candidates' debate.

This is a great moment for the media reform movement. This public a repudiation of FOX News as a legitimate, objective news network is a well-earned humiliation. They did this to themselves; pandering to the right-wing and rallying the Republican base all these years has exposed them for the biased agenda-driven tools they are. Congratulations to MoveOn.org and Brave New Films' FOXAttacks.com website, who started and coordinated the effort. We're proud to have been of assistance. Kudoes to all the bloggers and activists who didn't let up the pressure, and thanks to all who signed the petition.

There's still much to do - stay tuned.