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Hillary Clinton Blamed For Another Obama Smear On FOX News

Reported by Ellen - March 8, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes, FOX News’ prime time debate show, has yet to discuss the Walter Reed investigation or the hearings about the firings of federal prosecutors; and it seems to be done with discussing the Scooter Libby trial after a “fair and balanced” panel consisting of three people who, essentially, all shared the same conservative views. But last night, 3/7/07, there was time for two discussions about Hillary Clinton’s “phony southern accent,” which had already been discussed on another show, and one about Barack Obama’s stock investments. For the fifth time, the race-obsessed Hannity tried to paint Obama as a “black separatist” because of the views of his pastor. Guest Neal Boortz tried to pin the stock “scandal” on Hillary. With video.

Boortz claimed “It’s only rational to wonder” if, when Obama is attacked, Clinton is behind it.

The other guest, “Democratic strategist” Dan Gerstein, an advisor to Senator Joseph Lieberman, was ineffectual and seemed more interested in cozying up to the conservatives than in providing any kind of real advocacy. Gerstein smiled with what looked like genuine amusement while Boortz made his ludicrous claims. Gerstein never questioned why the show was covering such a non-story, why it was ignoring more important news in the meanwhile nor did he ask why, if Clinton was behind the story, it was being discussed on FOX News. Since when do they base their editorial content on her campaign’s agenda?

Instead, Gerstein said, “There’s nothing to that story.” What he thought was the most important aspect of the investment "issue" was that The New York Times did its job in investigating and reporting on it.

For the fifth time, race-obsessed Hannity tried to paint Obama as a black separatist because of the views of his pastor who espouses black liberation theology. Once again, Hannity fixated on the possibility that Obama (via his pastor) might be doing something Hannity couldn’t. In other words, a black church devoted to black causes is racist because if a white church was devoted to white causes, it would be labeled as racist.

Gerstein had no response to that, either, other than the lame response, “This is a guy taking responsibility for his community.”

It was Alan Colmes who said, “The difference is the whites are already in power.”

Boortz, who has a history of making bigoted comments responded, “Come on, you are too smart to fall for that.”

NOTE; I see that once again Neal Boortz has referred a bunch of readers our way (Thanks, Neal!). You are welcome to post comments, ask critical questions and debate opinions so long as your comments are respectful and civil. ALL INFLAMMATORY COMMENTS, AS DETERMINED BY MY SOLE JUDGMENT, WILL BE DELETED.