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Fox Bashes Hollywood Elites When It Comes To Offsetting Carbon Footprints

Reported by Donna - March 8, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher substituting for Shepard Smith he had a segment saying that the rich and elite used carbon offsets to excuse themselves from using lots of energy.

Of course they brought up Barbra Streisand and said that she said she hung clothes out on a line to dry. They talked about her having 5 homes and Gallagher quickly said that they flew over her mansion and there was no clothes line. (Comment: Well, that proves it!)

Comment: Any chance to put down what they consider to be Hollywood elites, especially Barbra Streisand, Fox won't pass up. Diane Feinstein and Arnold Schwarzeneggar were also mentioned in passing.

Why does Fox hate anyone trying to help out with Global Warming? We report, you decide.