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Bill O'Reilly Gets No Respect From His Media Analysts

Reported by Deborah - March 8, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly opened The Factor tonight burning with fury over all those S-P enemies in the media he believes are conspiring to ruin him and take over the country. Tonight his enemy list included Richard Engle, Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times, CBS and of course NBC. So confident that his commentary was brilliantly explosive, he had his media analysts, Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall on for two segments to explore the media developments of the day. Neither Jane Hall or Bernie Goldberg agreed with O'Reilly's perceptions leaving him hanging alone in his paranoid universe like a crazy Uncle who'd forgotten his meds.

Here's a synopsis of the agonizing media inequities Bill O'Reilly was forced to witness today. Alessandra Stanley made a snarky comment about Charles Gibson, ABC, not exerting himself and being on vacation while Brian Wilson is in Iraq. O'Reilly calling the comment an " attack" went after Stanley stating she's a "committed liberal" which is much worse than an uncommitted liberal. Then he revealed that Stanley had smeared Geraldo Riveria with the Katrina story that he had pushed someone out of his head shot while shooting a rescue scene on a stairway which he insisted never happened. Finally, he declared her an S-P Agenda pusher.

Richard Engle, that heartless liberal brute, had the nerve to risk his life as an embedded journalist in Iraq and then report that conditions are deteriorating and people are dying. O'Reilly was fuming that Engle didn't say that violence had decreased by 80% since the surge. He suggested that since the Army released those stats, Engle's anti-war bias is twisting his perceptions.

As if all that wasn't enough, CBS hired Richard Kaplan as news head, another committed liberal who BOR claimed did a " bogus" report about Vietnam for CNN and gets all his information from far left websites.

O'Reilly acting as if he had just paved the way for Jane Hall's great epiphany greeted her with, "Jane, Jane. Are you going to see the light?" It seems, however, that Hall was not awakened by BOR's stark revelations. She claimed Stanley was just reacting to O'Reilly's attacks on NBC and Richard Engle as an embedded journalist was reporting what he saw adding that a lot of people are questioning the surge after hearing about deaths night after night.

Bill turned to his old friend Bernie Goldberg for supportive outrage but his response was also luke warm. Goldberg thought Stanley made a snide and dumb comment and did not agree with O'Reilly's perceptions at all. He went on to brand Kaplan as a liberal Democrat who is close friends with the Clintons and helped Clinton handle the media during a sex scandal. But then he flatly disagreed with O'Reilly's premise that Kaplan was hired because he was liberal saying,
" On these matters, no conspiracy. It doesn't happen that way."

Jane Hall observed that Kaplan would be fair which set BOR off. With a kind of crazed amusement he doubted that Kaplan would reveal his real plans, " I'm going to work to get Hillary elected. Katie and I..."

comment: O'Reilly is probably mad at Katie Couric because she was polled as #1 news caster in a Pew Poll getting only 5% of the votes since 44% had no answer. O'Reilly came in #2 with 4% followed closely by Gibson, Williams and Jon Stewart. No wonder O'Reilly is so worried about liberals.