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Fox - The Answer To All Of Bush's Scandals? Bring Up Clinton Scandals

Reported by Donna - March 7, 2007 -

Jon Scott on Fox News Live (12 - 1 p.m.) had a segment on that said the White House was reeling from the Scooter Libby verdict, the Walter Reed scandal and the firing of judges across the country. Scott asked how would Bush handle all of this. He had Republican strategist, John Hancock and Democratic strategist, Jane Fleming on to discuss it.

Hancock said that the president had responded effectivey to the Walter Reed Hospital scandal and said that the White House would come out of this stronger and ready to lead this nation. (Comment: I think it's a little late for that)

Scott brought up the Sandy Berger story and said how he got off while Scooter Libby might have to spend a few years in jail for being confused per Mary Maitlin.

Jane Fleming said he wasn't confused, that Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby all knew about this and he had outed an agent. Scott said the outing was done by Richard Armitage and Fleming responded that that was a talking point out there and was absolutely not true. She said the president was wrong in putting out a statement expressing sadness for Libby when he should have put out a statement saying that he condemned his behavior and should have lived up to what he said about firing anyone involved with the leak.

Hancock said that the Democrats had double standards and wondered where the rhetoric was when President Clinton committed perjury and Sandy Berger stuffed documents down his clothes. He went on to say that the president brought in highly qualified people into postions.

Fleming said he didn't bring in the right people with the right knowledge. She said to look at Abu Ghrab, to look at the Walter Reed scandal and that there was scandal after scandal that this White House has to respond to and they don't.

Hancock finished up by saying that the White House had responded effectively.

Comment: This was a situation where Fox explains the current scandals in the White House by bringing up past situations. Jane Fleming did an excellent job staying on point and stating that this White House was responsible for hiring the wrong people and bringing these scandals on themselves.