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FOX News Channel's Very Own Hired Judge Says There Was "No Harm" Caused by Libby's Perjury

Reported by Marie Therese - March 7, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto, the cloying, unctuous host of Your World , sank to a new low yesterday afternoon. Predictably, he and his guests spent the first ten minutes of the show discussing Scooter Libby's future. It would seem, if FOX News is to be believed, that the "fix" is already in at the White House. Attorney Lis Wiehl predicted that Libby's appeal will take about 18 months and then after the 2008 election George Bush will pardon him just as Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich. Cavuto followed up by interviewing FOX News Senior Legal Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano and the noxious Phil Kent, author of "The Dark Side of Liberalism". Kent is also the former President of the Southeastern Legal Foundation. (SLF was also home to a lawyer named Harry MacDougald who "conveniently" discovered that the copies (not the origional)* memos given to CBS were forged.) Napolitano gave his tailor-made, bought-and-paid-for legal opinion, claiming that Scooter Libby's perjury did not harm anyone and therefore he should not have been tried. I would suggest that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, who have filed a lawsuit against Libby, would strongly disagree with da' Judge on this one! *(Post altered to clarify that it was the copies of the memos that were forged. The originals haven't been examined.)