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Bill O'Reilly Unfairly Smears College President To Promote His Culture War

Reported by Deborah - March 7, 2007 -

According to Bill O'Reilly,3/6/07, not only did Gene Nichol, President of William and Mary , remove the cross from the school's chapel without valid reasons but he also permitted a "sex show" on campus. Naturally he aired a clip of this show twice showing a dancer with very large breasts removing her bra . O'Reilly's travelling producer was on hand for the usual ambush as well as a haughty alumnus only too anxious to aid BOR with his distortion.

Tom Lipscomb, descendant of the college founder, was outraged that Nichol would remove the cross. O'Reilly explained that the cross was taken down for Jewish and Muslim students to have services so there should be no problem. Lipscomb claimed that Nichol said he recieved letters from people protesting the cross but could only produce one from his friend. O'Reilly stated that Lipscomb was forced to file a freedom of information act to discover there were no letters. O'Reilly asked Lipscomb ," Is this guy a liar?"

Lipscomb continued his smear of Nichol claiming that he had caused trouble at Chapel Hill in the past because he wanted to open Christian organizations to Jews and Jewish organizations to Muslims. Apparently, that's a very bad thing to Lipscomb.

O'Reilly's travelling guy, out of breath as he tried to walk and talk to Nichol, asked him about the cross and sex show. Nichol didn't dodge but his responses were heavily edited offering no details. However, Gene Nichol did offer a very comprehensive explanation in an editorial he wrote on Monday, 3/5. Nichol was completely open about his decision and spoke of the one letter that spurred him on never suggesting there were others.

First of all, O'Reilly suggested that Nichol had totally eliminated the cross from the school which is quite untrue. Here's what he wrote.

"Not only did I instigate the whole thing (by ordering that the cross in Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary be stored in the sacristy unless someone asks for it to be displayed during a service), but I'm an editorialist from way back.
Having been vilified in newspapers and living rooms, on Fox TV and on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates, just once, in this format, I ought to explain myself"

Nichol goes on to discuss the one letter that O'Reilly and Lipscomb misrepresented which was written by the chair of Religious Studies.

"Dear Jim:
"I had an interesting experience Thursday. A Jewish family from Richmond made an appointment with me as the son is trying to decide between UVA and W&M. Since my office is in the Wren, I showed them around and for the first time in 19 years as Director of Judaic Studies, a Jewish family did not ask me to explain the presence of the cross in a non-denominational chapel at a public college.
"I do not know about every case, but from the letters I have received over these nearly two decades following my tours, it is certain that a great many of the Virginia Jewish families that have come and asked about the cross have decided to send their children elsewhere.
"That same day, a husband and wife who were visiting the College stopped by to tell me what they thought of the cross matter. They did so because they saw a sign that indicated I was chair of religious studies. The husband blamed the increasing number of non-Christian students accepted since his graduation for everything wrong with the college.

"Marc Raphael

Nichol made his decision because he wanted non Christian students to feel welcome. In fact he even titled his editorial To Be A Public College With Truly Open Doors

Bill O'Reilly chose to distort Gene Nichol's intentions as well as his character painting him as an irresponsible wild man promoting sex shows and solicitation on campus. He even made a point to claim that students were required to attend the sex show for course credits. However, BOR's morale outrage didn't stop him from letting the big naked breasts cross his screen only adding the modesty blur at the very last second before indecent exposure.

It seems Bill O'Reilly couldn't care less about discrediting a man with moral conviction and courage as long as he comes out looking high and mighty. O'Reilly, taking total credit, announced that the cross would be returned just a day after his first attack. It's interesting to note that even though the issue had been resolved, O'Reilly still chose to discredit and humiliate Gene Nichol.