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The Words, "Libby Trial," Never Pass Greta Van Susteren's Lips

Reported by Melanie - March 6, 2007 -

On May 8, 2003, Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp., Fox's parent company, testified before Congress in his bid to gain approval for News Corps' purchase of a controlling interest in the parent company of DIRECTV. During the question and answer period after his formal testimony, Murdoch said,

We are bringing diversity of opinion. We are -- there is a diversity of opinion on Fox News. You may disagree with that. We have many liberals there -- many liberals invited. We have liberal commentators and we have conservative ones.

Maxine Waters:

Who are your liberal commentators?


Ah, Alan Colmes, for one. Um, Greta Van Susteren. Um, you know, it's in the eye of the beholder I guess.

On January 22, 2007, the jury in the "Scooter" Libby trial was seated. At no time, between that day and today, March 6, 2007, when the Libby verdict was handed down, did Fox's high profile legal anchor, Greta Van Susteren, host of "On the Record," -- and one of its purported "liberals" -- utter the words "Libby trial."

This is what Fox News and Greta Van Susteren deemed to be more important. (Note: The wording of the topics listed below was, in almost all cases, taken from the chyrons displayed at the bottom of Fox's screen.)

January 22, 2007:

- Shawn Hornbeck
- Missing Purdue University student, Wade Steffey
- Julianna Myers, whose parents kidnapped her to prevent her from getting married
- Bill O'Reilly touting his appearance on The Colbert Show last week.
- Adam Housley re a wildfire in Thousand Oaks, California
- The unsolved murder of Michelle Young, a North Carolina woman
- Jerry White, wanted as a suspect in the kidnapping of his girlfriend and her four children.
- "Behind the Record," a handy cam segment about VanSusteren's crew renting a Humvee while on assignment in Missouri

And what did Greta say about the trial on Tuesday, January 23?

"On the Record" was preempted by coverage of the State of the Union address.

Wednesday the 24th? The headline was, "At the Libby Trial, Hints of Intrigue and Betrayal:"

- Hornbeck - Shocking New Reports About Hornbeck-Ownby Kidnappings
- Hornbeck - Key Witness in Ownby Case Rewarded w/New Pick-up Truck
- Hornbeck - Builder Donates New Home to Shawn Hornbeck's Family
- Arlin Henderson - Missing Missouri Boy Connected to Devlin?
- Arlin Henderson - Source Gave Photos That May Link Devlin to Arlin Henderson
- Wade Steffey - New Developments in Search for Purdue Freshman
- Judge Blocks Paternity Test for Anna Nicole Smith's Baby
- Duke Lacrosse - NC Bar Association Slaps New Charges on Durham DA Mike Nifong
- News break - no mention of Libby trial
- President Bush Recognizes Wesley Autrey's Bravery
- Terry McAuliffe's Inside Look at the Democratic Party
- Jennifer Kesse Vanished One Year Ago Today
- "Behind the Record" - Laura Ingraham handy cam interview - "fast talker, fast driver."

Thursday the 25th: The Libby Trial: Cheney's Office Takes the Stand

Greta's show consisted of:

- Four Students Dead and Dozens Injured in Beirut Rioting
- Loic Rogers - Desperate Search for 3-year old Boy Missing in Montana
- Wade Steffey - Police Search River Near Purdue Campus for Missing Student
- Wade Steffey - Two Attacks on Purdue Campus on Night Wade Vanished
- Hornbeck - KTVI-Devlin Took Hornbeck to Visit Friends hear Ownby Home
- Mengyoa Zhou - Body of Missing Student Found in Trunk of Her Car
- Two Segments - Miss Nevada Fired After Racy Photos of Her Surface Online
- News break and the first mention of the Libby trial:

Vice President Dick Cheney's spokeswoman testifying today in the trial of Lewis Libby. Cathie Martin saying she told Cheney's former chief of staff about a CIA operative's identity days before Libby says he learned it from a reporter. Libby is accused of lying [as well as perjury and obstruction] to agents investigating the identity leak. The trial resumes Monday with Martin back on the stand.

- New Animal Planet Series Shows Animals are Human Too
- Joel Gove - Desperate Search for American Missing from Caribbean Island
- Holloway - Jamie Skeeters, Polygraph Expert Being Sued by Kalpoe Brothers Dies
- "Behind the Record" - "Handy cam" segment featuring Newt Gingrich.

Headlines from Friday, January 26th: Lawyers probe Fleischer's immunity deal; and this, which broke three hours before On the Record aired: Will Rove Testify?

What Greta covered:

- Secrets of Michael Devlin's Life Revealed
- Police Probe Possible Links Between Devlin & Other Cases
- Desperate Search for Wade Steffey, Purdue Student Who Vanished Two Weeks Ago.
- Desperate Search for Missing Boy, Loic Rogers, in Montana
- New Developments in the Carrie McCandless Sex Case
- Roundtable re: Prosecutors Offer McCandless Deal in Teacher Sex Case
- News break - no mention of Libby trial
- Actor Gary Sinise - Lending Support to Disabled Veterans
- Men Forced to Pay While Support for Non-Biological Children
- "Behind the Record" - "Handy cam" interview with "our make-up artist Debbie" re a guest who asked her, "when are you expecting?" (she's not pregnant).

January 29, 2007 and it's a new week. The headline from the Libby trial today is: Fleischer Tells Jury That Libby Told Him About Plame.

So what did fair and balanced Greta say about this "breaking news?"

- Video of Florida Teens Beating a 12 year old Girl Posted on Web
- New arrest in Long Island Girlfight Posted on Web
- Loic Rogers - Sad Discovery in the Search for a Missing Montana Toddler
- Former Miss Brazil Tiaza Thomsen Vanishes While in London
- Key Witness in Ben Ownby Case Talks About Newfound Fame
- Brandy May Face Vehicular Manslaughter Charge in Dec. Crash
- Thoroughbred Champion Racehorse Barbaro Put Down
- Larry Birkhead on His Paternity Fight w/Ex-Girlfriend Anna Nicole
- News - No mention of Libby trial
- Continuation of Larry Birkhead interview
- Escaped Prisoner Steals Tour Bus of Country Music Star
- Missing in Maryland
- Fox Crew on Thin Ice (Fox News van crashes through ice)

The headline on Tuesday, January 30 was: Miller Testimony Contradicts Libby Story. What did Greta say?

- Fox News Alert - AP: Publicist Says Author Sidney Sheldon Has Died
- Parents of Former Miss Brazil Plead for her Return
- Ben Ownby Returns to School 3 Weeks After Being Kidnapped
- Peewee Rink Rage - Coach and Parent Arrested After Brawl After Youth Hockey Game
- Girls Gone Wild - 3 Teen Girls Questioned Over Video Beatdown Today
- Anna Nicole's Troubles - Former Playboy Bunny's Ex-Boyfriend & Friend Go On the Record
- News - No mention of Libby trial though Dennis Hastert's gallbladder surgery was covered.
- Anna Nicole's Troubles - Smith's Ex-Boyfriend & Landlord on Dispute Over Bahama House
- Where's Trenton? New Developments in Search for Missing Toddler
- Behind the Record - Seeing Red

January 31, 2007: Reporter testifies he thought Libby confirmed war critic's wife worked at CIA.


- Fox News Alert - Suspect Arrested in Boston "Toon Hoax"
- Hornbeck - Shocking New Photos Believed to be Hornbeck in Captivity
- Dalton Mesarchick's Body Found in a River After he Vanished
- Hornbeck - Alleged Hornbeck Photos Show Boy Pointing Gun at Camera
- Microsoft computer Wiz Jim Gray Vanishes from Sailing Trip
- Second Purdue Student Goes Missing this Semester
- Wade Steffey - Last Seen Leaving a Purdue Fraternity Party Jan. 13
- News - No mention of Libby trial
- British Authorities Foil Alleged Kidnapping Plot
- Police: Terrorists Planned to Behead a British Muslim Soldier
- Cartoon Network Marketing Ploy Paralyzes Downtown Boston
- Two Arrested after Wisconsin High School Basketball Fight
- Weather
- "Behind the Record." Mort Kondracke in a "make-up room confession."

February 1: Libby Left Out Some Facts In Interviews, FBI Agent Says.

Greta left out some facts too:

- Hornbeck: AP: Shawn Hornbeck Helped Devlin Hide "Ownby from Cops
- Hornbeck: Shocking New Photos Believed to be Hornbeck in Captivity
- Hornbeck: Family Atty: A Team of Therapists is Helping Shawn
- Hornbeck: Task Force Looking at Possible Links between Devlin and Other Cases
- Miss USA Dishes About the Demons She Battled in Rehab (Two Segments)
- Missing Purdue Grad Student Sighted in Juarez, Mexico
- News break - Nothing about Libby trial
- Huckabee Filed Paperwork for Presidential Exploration Cmte.
- Desperate Search Underway for Missing Computer Wiz
- Pres. Candidate Joe Biden Tries to Explain His Obama Blunder

February 2, 2007. The headline? Libby: Don't Release Grand Jury Tapes. Greta's headlines:

- At Least 19 Dead as Twisters Strike Central Florida
- Fox's Phil Keating in Florida
- Fox's Orlando Salinas in Florida
- Weather report
- TV Host Chases Tornadoes Every Spring in the Midwest
- Karen Hughes Takes Us Inside the State Dept. Rapid Response Unit
- News break - No mention of Libby trial
- Hall of Fame QB On the Record About Super Bowl XLI
- Police Believe Purdue Graduate Student is "Voluntarily Missing."

February 5, 2007: A very significant development; Tapes of Libby testimony to be released.

- FOX NEWS ALERT - Dangerous Freezing Temperatures Sweeping Across the Country
- Miss USA Exits Rehab. Admits She Drank and Used Cocaine
- Trump Suing Palm Beach for $25 Million Over Flag Flap
- Donald Trump on 2008 Presidential Election
- "Missing" Purdue Graduate Student Alive & Well in Mexico
- 300 Volunteers Search for Purdue Student Wade Steffey
- Bone Chilling Temps Across Northern Plains and Great Lakes
- Weather
- Clipper System Expected to Bombard Cincinnati With Snow
- Temperatures in Minnesota Dip Under 40 Degrees Below Zero
- Devlin Charged with 71 Counts of Kidnapping and Forcible Sodomy
- News, and the second mention of the Libby trial by news reader Harris Faulkner who Greta introduces e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e d-a-y as, "my very good friend."

The jury at Louis Libby's perjury trial hearing audio tapes of his grand jury testimony today. The public will soon get its chance. The judge expressing some concerns about releasing those recordings after jurors hear them but he says the law leaves him little choice.

- Missouri Prosecutor Files 71 New Charges Against Devlin
- Colleagues Mount Search for Missing Scientist Jim Gray
- Tragic Ending in Search for Two Missing Maryland Teens
- On the Record - at the clubhouse at the Lady Lake, FL trailer park, looking at notes taken by search and rescue crews the night of the recent tornado there.

Headlines for February 6 Jury in Libby Case Hears His Original Testimony and Lawyers May Keep Libby Off Witness Stand.

Greta's headlines?

- Astronaut Tried to Murder Romantic Rival
- Fmr. Astronaut Who Trained with Lisa Nowak Talks About Case
- Lisa Nowak's Childhood Friend Talks About Case
- What Could Drive a Trained Astronaut to Attempt Murder?
- NASA Astronaut Charged With Attempted First Degree Murder
- Judge Considers Devlin's Request to Suppress Jailhouse Interview
- "Missing" Former Miss Brazil Alive and Well in London
- News break - Nothing on the Libby trial
- Town of Virginia, Minnesota One of Coldest in Country
- Weather
- Members of Duke Grand Jury Doubt Decision to Indict
- Actor Ryan O'Neal Charged with Assaulting his Own Son

February 7: Russert contradicts Libby's testimony

- Accused Astronaut Lisa Nowak Returns to Houston
- Journalist Interviewed Lisa Nowak 5 Months Ago
- Disgraced Astronaut Lisa Nowak Returns to Texas
- Restraining Order Filed Against Accused Astronaut
- Texas Man Suffering from Amnesia Found 20 Miles Away from Home
- Speaker Pelosi Talks About Breaking the Marble Ceiling (Libby trial did not come up)
- News - No mention of Libby trial
- Speaker Pelosi Talks About Breaking the Marble Ceiling (Libby trial did not come up)
- German Shepard "Hero" Saves the Day Helping Injured Woman
- "Behind the Record" - Ret. Maj. Gen. Bob Scales proves "he's a hipster" by taking a "pop-culture trivia quiz."

February 8: Prosecution rests after Russert completes testimony in Libby trial.

- Anna Nicole Smith Dies After Collapsing in her Florida Hotel Room
- News break - no mention of Libby trial
- Anna Nicole Smith Dies after Collapsing in her Florida Hotel Room

Greta on February 9, 2007:

- Police: No Evidence of a Crime in Anna Nicole Smith's Death
- Medical Examiner Talks About Autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith
- No Illegal Drugs Found in Anna Nicole's Hotel Room
- Anna Nicole's Daughter in Care of Bahama Official's Wife
- Anna Nicole Opened up About her Life in a 2002 Interview
- Howard K. Stern's Attorney on the Death of Anna Nicole
- Anna Nicole Smith's Attorney Reacts to her Sudden Death
- News break - no mention of Libby trial
- Emergency Paternity Hearing Held Today in Los Angeles
- Attorney for Larry Birkhead on Anna Nicole Death
- Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern Were in Florida to Buy a Yacht

February 12, 2007: Fox News "contributor" Robert Novak takes the stand.

And what was On the Record?

- Intimate Look at Anna's Bahamas Home the Day After She Died
- Growing Battle Over Who Fathered Anna Nicole's Baby
- New Photos of Anna Nicole Surface in the Bahamas
- Stern: Dannielynn is the Only Reason I'm Still Alive
- News break - no mention of the Libby trial
- Anna Nicole's Former Manager Talks About the Early Days
- Anna Bought a 42-Foot Yacht in Florida Right Before She Died
- Photos Show Slimfast and Methadone in Anna's Fridge

February 13, 2007: Cheney Won't Testify At Libby Trial -- Nor Will 'Scooter' .

Greta won't testify either:

- Police Release 911 Call Made After Anna Nicole's Collapse
- Attorney for Anna Nicole's Estate Talks About her Sudden Death
- Anna Nicole's Body Remains Unclaimed in Florida morgue
- Four Men now in Paternity Feud over Anna Nicole's Daughter
- Howard K. Stern and Ben Thompson in Dispute Over Bahamas House
- Dangerous Winter Weather Blasting Across Country
- Friends of Anna Nicole Smith Talk About her Death
- News break - no mention of Libby trial
- Friends of Anna Nicole Smith Talk About her Death
- Friends of Anna Nicole Smith Talk About her Death
- Anna Nicole's Cousin Talks About her Sudden Death

February 14, 2007: Some news broke today that is right up Greta's (not to mention O'Reilly's) alley: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's daughter was arrested two days ago and charged with DUI and child endangerment. Will Greta be all over this, as well as the Libby trial tonight? Let's see.

Here's what Greta covered:

- Florida Probate Judge Takes Custody of Anna Nicole's Body
- Howard K. Stern and Anna's Mother Seeking Control of Anna's Body
- Med. Examiner: Multiple People Trying to Claim Anna's Body
- Desmar Henfield: Attorney for Anna Nicole's Mother
- Anna Nicole Talks About her Relationship with Howard K. Stern
- Report: Howard K. Stern Staying at Horizons House with Dannielynn
- TMZ: Anna Nicole's Former Nanny Made Accusations in Affidavit
- Winter Storm Pounding Northeast United States
- AccuWeather report
- News. Nothing about Scalia's daughter endangering children but there was this, Harris Faulkner's third mention of the Libby trial:

Testimony ending in the perjury trial of former White House aid Louis Libby. Closing arguments set for Tuesday. Jury deliberations expected to begin the following day. Libby is charged with lying [and perjury and obstruction] to investigators looking into the leak of a CIA operatives identity.

- Geraldo Rivera in Iraq - "Opening Phase of Security Crackdown Begins in Baghdad
- Local Reaction to Anna Nicole-Immigration Minister Scandal
- Anna Nicole Smith's Ex-Boyfriend Talks About their Relationship

February 15, 2007: No trial today but the Anna Nicole Smith saga hasn't stopped. Conversely, news about Scalia's daughter hasn't started.

- Anna Nicole's Body Remains in Morgue a Week After her Death
- Howard K. Stern and Anna's Mother Seek Custody of Anna's Remains
- Judge Appointed Administrator ad Litem to Advise Court on Dispute
- Judge Orders Another DNA Sample Taken from Smith's Body
- CEO of TrimSpa Talks About Anna Nicole Smith's Death
- Crime Scene Investigators at Horizons House Today
- Friends of Anna Nicole Give Details About her Last Wishes
- News break - no mention of Libby trial or Scalia's daughter or the children she "endangered"
- Friends: Anna Nicole wanted to Buried in Bahamas Near Son
- TMZ: Dr. Prescribed Methadone to Anna 2 Weeks Before She Gave Birth
- Prince Frederic Von Anhalt Files Paternity Suit for Dannielynn

February 16, 2007: Scalia's Daughter Hires Top DUI Attorney.

Here's what Greta covered today:

- Anna Nicole's Will Creates As Many Questions as it Answers
- Will Explicitly Leaves Out Anyone But her Son Daniel
- Anna's Dr. Defends Prescription of Methadone for Pregnant Women
- Dr. Kapoor: Treatment Program for Anna Was Appropriate - TMZ
- Anna's Dr. Defends Prescription of Methadone for Pregnant Women - Baden
- Father of Immigration Minister Visits Anna Nicole's Baby Today
- Much of Howard K. Stern's Past Remains a Mystery
- News break - nothing about the Libby trial or Scalia's daughter and the children she "endangered"
- Prince Frederic Von AnHalt Files Paternity Suit for Dannielynn
- Prince AnHalt Says he Had a Decade-Long Affair with Anna
- Prison Inmate Says He Could be Dannielynn's Dad
- Anna Nicole Smith Opened Up About her Life in Interview

February 19, 2007: The Libby trial resumes tomorrow but the wheels were spinning today nonetheless. There was this from the right, Media Guilty in Libby Trial, and this from the left, New Libby Trial Information Trumps Dems "No Impeachment" Pledge. There was a lot of meat to chew on. What did Greta talk about?

Greta is live in Florida, on location for the story Fox deems to be most important legal story in the world:

- Shocking New Video of Anna Pregnant with Dannielynn.
- Immigration Minister Resigns Over Relationship with Anna
- Bahamas Immigration Minister Shane Gibson Resigns Amid Scandal
- Anna's Mother and Howard Stern in Legal Battle Over Anna's Remains
- Questions Remain Over Cause of Death in Anna Nicole Case
- Anna Nicole's Friends Talk About her Life and Death
- News break - no mention of Libby trial or Scalia's daughter
- Anna Nicole's Friends Talk About Her Life and Death
- Anna Nicole's Friends on her Relationship with Howard K. Stern
- Court Fight Over Anna Nicole's Remains to Resume Tomorrow

February 20, 2007: Final arguments heard in Libby trial.

Ho hum to that. On the Record was all about Anna again, including:

- Friend of Howard K. Stern on Latest Anna Nicole developments
- Stern's Attorney Played Clip in Court of Anna Talking About her Mother
- Anna's Mom: My One Regret is That I could Not Keep her From Drugs
- News: No mention of Scalia's daughter but there was this from Harris Faulkner about the Libby trial:

Louis Libby's fate soon will be in the hands of the jury. Closing arguments wrapping up today. The judge expected to give jurors their instructions first thing tomorrow, then they will begin deliberating. Libby accused of lying [and with perjury and obstruction] to investigators looking into the leak of a CIA operative's identity.

- Howard Stern and Anna Nicole Had Commitment Ceremony in Bahamas
- Judge: Stern Can Fly to Bahamas Tonight but Must Return Tmrw
- New Developments in Paternity Suit Over Anna Nicole's Baby
- New Video of Anna Nicole While Pregnant with Dannielynn

February 21, 2007: Jury begins deliberations in Libby trial

- Howard K. Stern testifies About Anna Nicole's Drug Use
- Stern and Anna's Mother Questioned About Profiting From her Death
- Larry Birkhead's attorney Questions Howard K. Stern's Paternity Claim
- Larry Birkhead's Testifies About Relationship with Anna Nicole
- Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and Anna's Mother Testify Today
- New Developments in Anna Nicole's Burial Battle
- Medical Examiner Called Court with Update on Body Today
- Medical Examiner Urging Quick Resolution on Legal Wrangling
- Bahama Court Set to Hear Custody Issues Tomorrow
- Howard K. Stern asked about his Income While he was With Anna
- Howard K. Stern Answers Questions about his Income
- News break. No mention of Scalia's daughter but this from Greta's "very good friend," Harris Faulkner, about the Libby trial:

The jury in the trial of former White House aide Louis Libby wrapped its first day of deliberations. Jurors met for more than four hours and did not reach a verdict. They are set to get back to work tomorrow morning. Libby is accused of lying to investigators looking into who leaked the name of a CIA operative.

- Judge Seidlin rejects Suggestion the Courtroom is a Circus
- Judge Larry Seidlin to Rule on Fate of Anna's Remains by Friday
- Anna's Ex-Boyfriend Testifies About their Relationship
- Anna Nicole's Mother Talks About Visiting Daniel's Grave

February 22, 2007: The jury continued to deliberate and Greta continued to deliberate about all things Anna Nicole. Bear in mind that Fox has been showing the same pictures of Anna Nicole over and over and over and over again on this show since February 8. Over and over and over...

- Judge Awards Custody of Remains to Dannielynn's Guardian ad Litem
- All Parties Agree to Bury Anna Next to Son in the Bahamas
- Judge Awards Custody of Remains to Dannielynn'e Guardian ad Litem
- Howard K. Stern's Attorney Talks About Judge's Decision
- Judge Asks Medical Examiner to Escort Body to Bahamas
- Stern and Birkhead Still Battling Over Paternity of Dannielynn
- Judge Allows Daniel's Father to Testify by Phone Today
- Virgie Arthur's Attorney Talks About Judge's Decision
- Anna Nicole Smith's Home Video Played in Court Today
- Ford Shelley Talks About Anna Nicole Clown Home Video
- Judge Awards Custody of Smith's Body to Baby's Guardian ad Litem
- News break - no mention of Libby trial or Scalia's daughter
- Judge Displayed Eccentric Behavior Throughout Proceedings
- Anna Nicole's Mother Fighting for Custody of Dannielynn
- Anna's Former Bodyguard Says She Wanted to be Buried with Daniel

February 23, 2007: CIA Leak Jury Recesses for the Weekend but Greta didn't:

- Anna's Mother Files Emergency Motion to Keep Body in Florida
- Larry Birkhead Asks Florida Court to Enforce CA Court's DNA Order
- Florida Judge Questions Whether he Should Hear Paternity Case
- Virgie Arthur to Appeal Judge's Ruling on Anna Nicole's Body
- Court Fights Pending in Florida, California and the Bahamas
- Home Video of Anna Nicole as a Clown Shot by Howard K. Stern
- Judge Allowed Anna Nicole Home Video to be Played in Court
- Friend of Anna Nicole Talks About Decision on her Remains
- News break - no mention of Libby case or Scalia's daughter.
- Medical Examiner
- Medical Examiner Talks About Anna Nicole Smith's Case
- Judge is Preparing to Take up Unresolved Legal Issues
- Makeshift Shrine to Anna Outside Medical Examiner's Office

February 26, 2007: Jury deliberation continues after the Judge dismissed one juror.


- Hearing Today in the Bahamas on Anna Nicole Custody Case
- Appeals Court Orders Anna's Body to Remain in Florida for Now
- Florida Judge Sets Wed. Hearing Over Jurisdiction in Paternity Case
- Ben Thompson Seeking to evict Stern from Bahamas House
- Former Body Guard Talks About the Days Leading up to Anna's Death
- Former Bodyguard Takes us Inside Anna's Hotel Room on Day she Died
- News. Nothing about Scalia but this from Harris Faulkner on the Libby trial:

A juror dismissed in the Louis Libby trial. she told the judge she was exposed to information about the case over the weekend. The deliberations allowed to continue where they left off. The remaining 11 jurors now [sic]. Libby, Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff, is accused of lying [and with perjury and obstruction] to investigators looking into who leaked a CIA operative's name.

- Friend and Bodyguard Talks About the Day Anna Nicole Smith Died
- Bodyguard: Anna Had 105 Degree Temperature Days Before Death
- Attorney Who Worked with Judge Seidlin Goes on the Record

February 27, 2007: No verdict in Libby trial, but jury sends judge a note


- FBI Tracking Dad Who May Have Smuggled his Kids into El Salvador
- Florida Appeals Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Anna Nicole Case
- Anna's Mother Appealing Decision to Give Remains to Baby's Attorney
- Friends of Anna Nicole Smith Talk About her Life and Death
- Police Believe Dad Kidnapped 3 Kids and Flew Them to El Salvador
- Frantic Search Underway for Missing Michigan Mom
- News break - no mention of Libby trial or Scalia's daughter
- Shocking Home Video Shows Pregnant Anna Dressed as Clown
- Anna's Former Bodyguard Responds to Clown Home Video
- Bahamas Immigration Minister Resigned Over Photos With Anna
- Former Bodyguard on Anna's Decision to Go to the Bahamas
- Attorney for Anna Nicole's Estate goes On the Record

February 28, 2007: Libby Jurors Answer Own Questions

Greta's topics? Here are some of them:

- Anna Nicole Smith's Final Hours
- Attorney: Stern Unfairly Cast As Enabler
- Virgie Arthur's Lawyer on Day's Drama
- Bizarre Dynamics Inside Smith Hearing
- Celebs in Hepatitis A Scare at Wolfgang Puck Restaurant
- Puck Employee May Have Exposed S.I. Swimsuit Models to Hepatitis A
- Anna Nicole's Bahamas Funeral Green Lighted by Appeals Court

March 1, 2007: Libby Jurors May Work Into Next Week

- 15 Dead After Tornado Crushes Alabama's Enterprise High School
- Weather report
- Police Arrest 4 in Connection to "Barbie Bandit" Bank Robbery
- Funeral for Anna Nicole Smith Tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. ET
- Anna Nicole's Funeral Reported to be "Over the Top"
- After 3 Wks in Fl Morgue, Anna to be Buried in Bahamas Tmrw
- Federal Charges Filed against Accused Kidnapper Michael Devlin
- Federal Charges Filed Against Accused Kidnapper Michael Devlin
- Deadly Twisters Tore Through Alabama Today
- Desperate Search for Missing Michigan Mom Tara Lynn Grant
- Nanny Backs Husband's Story About Night Tara Grant Vanished
News break - no mention of Libby trial
- South Carolina Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Five Boys
- Midwest and Plains States Slammed by Winter Storm
- Report: Georgia Hospital Struck by Tornado

March 2, 2007: Week Ends With no Verdict in Libby Trial.


- Anna Nicole Smith Buried Today Next to her Son in the Bahamas
- Dannilynn's Court-Appointed Atty Asks for Decorum During Funeral
- Virgie Arthur Launched Last Minute Bid to Stop Anna's Burial
- Anna Nicole's Former Bodyguard on her Relationship with her Son
- Paternity Battle over Anna's Baby Will not End with her Funeral
- Now that Anna is Buried, Fight Over Horizons Home is Back on
- Howard K. Stern Faces Court Fights Over Dannilynn and Home
- Anna Nicole Talks about her Relationship with Howard K. Stern
- Friends of Howard K. Stern Talk About tearful Goodbye to Anna
- AP: Pakistan Claims Successful Test of Short-Range Missile
- News break - no mention of Libby trial
- Police Searching Home of Missing Mom Tara Lynn Grant
- Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Stolen from LA Home
- Deadly Winter Storm Hits the Plains and the Midwest
- 2 Teens, a Bank Teller, & Other Possible Accomplice Arrested

March 5, 2007: Libby trial judge refuses to answer jury level of proof question


- Is Howard K. Stern Negotiating a Deal with Larry Birkhead?
- Larry Birkhead's Attorney on Possible Paternity Deal
- Anna Nicole's Attorney Goes On the Record
- Anna's Former Bodyguard Talks about Tearful Goodbye
- Anna's Friend on Private Stern and Birkhead Paternity Meeting
- Anna's Friend on her Commitment Ceremony with Howard Stern
- Anna's Friends on Not Being Allowed to go to her Funeral
- News - no mention of Libby trial
- Videotape Shows Teens Giving Marijuana to Kids Ages 5 & 2
- Accused D.C. Madam Threatens to Sell Contacts for 10,000 Clients
- Body Parts of Tara Lynn Grant Found in Garage and Nearby Park

March 6, 2007 - the trial ends.

Comment: On the Record's website changes from time to time but one of the blurbs that rotates there says, "Nothing gets by Greta! From the latest breaking news to hard-hitting interviews, 'On the Record' is the only place for fair and balanced coverage." Nothing gets by Greta? It looks to me like an awful lot gets by Greta and that her lack of coverage of the "latest breaking news" is anything but "fair and balanced."