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FOX News’ Harris Faulkner Downplays Walter Reed Scandal

Reported by Ellen - March 6, 2007 -

FOX News’ Harris Faulkner was more Bush administration press agent than news anchor last night (3/5/07) during the Hannity & Colmes news break when she “reported” on the Walter Reed Congressional hearing with words that could have been dictated to her by her former FOX News colleague, current White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. With video.

First, Faulkner downplayed the emotional testimony by saying soldiers told the committee members about “poor conditions” at the Army Medical Center. In fact, the conditions described were a lot worse than poor, as anyone who watched the hearings can attest. Heart-wrenching and squalid might have been better adjectives.

Next, Faulkner accentuated the positives for Bush by saying, “While (soldiers) praised the medical care, they were upset about complex bureaucratic processes.”

Upset about complex bureaucratic processes? How about losr paperwork, lack of follow-up care and moldy, rodent-infested rooms?

But all was well in Faulkner’s chirpy world because, as she said, “The former chief of Walter Reed attended the hearing and apologized to veterans.”

She didn't mention that there are concerns similar problems may exist at other military medical facilities.