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Clueless Coulter Blames Liberals For Her Difficulties

Reported by Ellen - March 6, 2007 -

Ann Coulter doesn’t get it. Under fire for her potty-mouth “joke” calling John Edwards a faggot, she ignored the massive outcry against her from conservatives and remained adolescently defiant as she trotted out her hackneyed “blame liberals” vitriol in response on last night's (3/5/07) Hannity & Colmes. At the end, however, Coulter attacked her own by insulting the intelligence of the top three Republican presidential candidates, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney. With video.

Nobody actually defended Coulter’s tasteless comment but Sean Hannity reprised his hackneyed attacks on Dick Durbin, John Kerry, Howard Dean, et al., took a quick jab at the “liberal media” and conferred a passing martyrdom on Trent Lott, all as part of his bullyboy, sleight-of-hand Republican Rehab.

The “opposing” guest for the double segment on Coulter’s controversy was none other than “Democrat” Pat Caddell. Predictably Caddell was thoroughly supportive of Coulter and joined in some of the attacks against the left.

Alan Colmes started the first discussion by saying that he’s getting a lot of email from conservatives who are upset with Coulter and her representation of the right.

Coulter was, apparently, unable to deal with that reality. “That’s how all liberals begin letters denouncing conservatives,” she said in a non-sequitor. She bragged that this is about her seventeenth “allegedly career ending” moment.

Colmes noted that this time, she’s losing her conservative base.

“Well, OK, we’ll see.” She sounded hysterical and defiant, her rabbit-like eyes darted non-stop and she jumped up and down in her seat throughout the interview. She wore her usual ostentatious cross and a tight sweater, this one low-cut.

Caddell said, “Look, I love Ann… I can see why she thought it was a joke." He went on to blame John Edwards for using the incident to raise money, said the incident wouldn’t hurt her book sales and that people are taking the whole thing too seriously.

Caddell might be her only real friend right now. Hannity never defended Coulter so much as he blamed others for “a lot of selective moral outrage.” He conveniently overlooked all the criticism of her from conservatives as he said, “The very same people who are so indignant… not a word of outrage about troops being called Nazis (which Dick Durbin never said)… There seems to me (sic) the Democrats want to use Ann Coulter.” Hannity later blamed the liberal media for focusing disproportionately on Coulter and not Bill Maher for his comment about “wishing Dick Cheney were dead,” which as Deborah has pointed out, is not what Maher said.

Coulter even blamed her “joke,” itself, on liberals. “I didn’t choose that word, that was the word from the PC police.” She did acknowledge that it was a “sophomoric word.”

Colmes closed the first part of the discussion by saying, “It’s a sophomoric joke, Ann, unfortunately for you.” In the second part of the discussion, he noted that her own website doesn’t allow obscene, disrespectful or profane comments.

The middle-aged Coulter sounded like a teenager in the principal’s office as she thrust her head back and forth and insisted she had not used an insulting word but a “schoolyard word.” I’m sure she would have had a field day of contempt if Bill Clinton had made such a distinction.

Colmes asked how she felt about the three major Republican candidates disowning her.

“I think they’re not as smart as B. Hussein Obama. When asked to denounce David Geffen’s comments that were much more closely related to him, he said ‘I don’t see why I should have to apologize for what someone else said’ and the media was in a swoon. Apparently, our top three Republican nominees aren’t that smart.”

She continued, "And by the way, if they’re going to start apologizing for everything I say, they’d better keep that statement handy because there’s gonna be A LOT MORE in the next year.”

“Oh my God. Oh, my God, honey. Oh, Jesus,” Caddell said, not unapprovingly.

“We’ll cover it all,” Hannity said enthusiastically.