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Bill O'Reilly Advises Bill Maher Against Name Calling

Reported by Deborah - March 6, 2007 -

Bill Maher and Bill O'Reilly got together tonight to talk about the recent right wing attack against Maher created to divert attention from Coulter's " faggot" remark about John Edwards. Instead of confronting or attacking Maher, O'Reilly came off like Maher's concerned friend gently asking him, "Why do you need to call people names?" Tanya Reiman, body language regular, immediately followed to give the deeper meaning behind Maher's expressions and gestures. 3/6/07 With video.

Maher explained that he had been discussing comments on the Huffington Post from readers "lamenting" Cheney's survival that had been scrubbed from the sight.At first O'Reilly didn't know what he was talking about indicating that he probably hadn't watched Maher's show and didn't even know the context of Maher's comment.

Maher tried to explain through an analogy. He asked BOR if an abortion doctor were killed wouldn't he think his death saved the lives of unborn babies. O'Reilly didn't deny it but claimed he would never say it because of his enemies. " You set yourself up as a Hollywood pinata."

Then came the inevitable statement from BOR. Telling Maher his comment was dopey, he claimed that Saddam Hussein killed far more people than were killed in this war. Maher countered with the number of 600,000 dead and O'Reilly said the number was false and came from a far left website. He told Maher to check out the numbers from the UN which he claimed accurate. Maher got his stats from John Hopkins not a far left website

Next came a clip of Maher on Jay Leno's show. The clip started mid sentence so there was no indication of what led up to Maher reciting a long list of negative traits describing George W Bush. The audience was laughing indicating it was part of a bit. " Why do that?" O'Reilly asked. " It kills me to say it but you're smart.You don't need to call people names."

Maher tried to explain that he was a comedian and there were people laughing in the audience addng that it was Leno's audience which is red state. BOR claimed that some people would laugh at anything. He mention Coulter and " the F Word". He couldn't bring himself to say faggot. " Why attack personally?" he asked Maher as if he had never attacked anyone in his life.

Reiman essentially confirmed everything that all the body language illiterates watching had already percieved. Maher looked to the right because he was evaluating and pulled his chin in when in disagreement and did something else when he felt confident. There were no great revelations about Maher but maybe her evaluations of American Idol which came next were more enlightening.

When Reiman finished her Maher analysis, O'Reilly asked her if it had been " a respectful interview" ? She set his mind at ease and he seemed pleased as if that were some incredible accomplishment which , of course, it was for Bill O'Reilly.

comment: Since Maher brought up that abortion doctor analogy, I couldn't help thinking of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas. O'Reilly enjoyed calling him " Tiller the Baby Killer" who "executes babies about to be born." Would that count as name calling or attacking someone personally? The News Hounds Archives are just full of examples that might refresh BOR's memory about his own issues with name calling.