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Twelve times more coverage for Anna Nicole Smith than Walter Reed scandal

Reported by Chrish - March 5, 2007 -

At least John Gibson was upfront about his tabloid news show, saying he'd give people what they wanted rather than what they needed (even though FOX's own poll showed people were sick of the media circus).

Bill O'Reilly expressed contempt for Anna Nicole Smith shortly after her death, but continued to cover the daily non-movement because he "had to."

All this tabloid coverage allowed the Bush administration's network to avoid covering the continuing carnage and chaos in Iraq, the build-up to another war in Iran, Bush's lowest ever poll numbers, and the investigations being pursued vigorously by the DemocraticallycontrolledCongress. How bad was it? According to ThinkProgress, that great left-wing slime machine,

"The most lop-sided coverage by far was aired by Fox News, which featured only 10 references to Walter Reed compared to 121 of Anna Nicole — roughly 12 times the coverage. MSNBC featured 84 references to Walter Reed and 96 to Anna Nicole."

That's entertainment! Not journalism. FOX News, for people who can't handle the truth.