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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of February 26th

Reported by Janie - March 5, 2007 -

News Hound "fan" Neil Boortz gathered a 57% majority of last week's vote, taking home the Quote of the Week for comparing teachers unions to Al Qaeda:

“Look, Al Qaeda, they could bring a nuke into this country and kill a hundred thousand people with a well-placed nuke somewhere, OK? We would recover from that. It would be a terrible tragedy but the teachers unions in this country can destroy a generation...Well, they are destroying a generation. They’re MUCH more dangerous. You know, we worry about Al Qaeda, and we should, but at the same time, let’s not let the teachers’ unions escape.”

For this week's selection, take a look below the jump!

Option A: "Now I submit to you that that is a real, honest-to-god drama. Now it may not fit the high-minded views of a lot of news professionals, people who think that, you know, their, their news program is just another part of Foreign Affairs Quarterly. That only certain kind of news is worthy of their discussing. Those people are snobs. They’re people who, who, when they see a story, go, 'Ew, icky. I don’t want to do that.' I did this for years. You know, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve approached many stories and said, “That story isn’t worth our trouble.” It has always been a mistake. Always. Every single time I did it. And so when I see people like this guy — (Anderson Cooper) 'There’s a war on, there’s a war on, there’s a war on.' (Gibson, sarcastically) 'Oh, there’s a war on, there’s a war on. Maybe, just maybe, people are a little weary, Mr. Cooper, of your war coverage, and they’d like a little something else. Maybe that’s why they all thundered to this story." - John Gibson on Anna Nicole Smith over Iraq war coverage, The Big Story

Option B: “Trinity Church's congregation subscribes to a ten-point list which they were refer to as, quote, (said with a sneer) Afrocentric. Now a closer look at the church's vision has led many to call them 'separatists’ and in some cases even drawing comparisons to a cult.” - Sean Hannity smearing Barack Obama and his Christian Church, Hannity & Colmes, 3/1/07

Option C: "Now, the Senator was quick to say today that he had misspoken, and that the word he normally used, and has used many times in this context is the word sacrifice, and he did not mean to say that and, but there it was." - Brit Hume covering for Senator McCain's comments, after bashing Obama for similar comments, Special Report, 3/1/07

Option D: "At first this story was reported as a few Muslim cab drivers. It now turns out the few is way, way more. Up to 80 percent of the cab drivers are Muslim-Somalis and they want to impose Sharia law on their passengers: no alcohol. Certainly no bottles of alcohol in the cab, and soon no alcohol in the passenger. What's on your breath, bub? Beer? You can walk." - John Gibson, The Big Story, 3/1/07

Option E: " How did a stolen painting end up in Spielberg's possession? Hmmm!" - Fox & Friends insinuating director Steven Spielberg was responsible for stolen painting, Fox & Friends, 3/3/07