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No Fair & Balanced When It Comes To Time Spent On Democratic Candidates Compared To Republican Candidates

Reported by Donna - March 5, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher substituting for Shepard Smith, he went into a segment with Carl Cameron, Fox chief political correspondant about the past weekend of campaigning. Under the banner, You Decide 2008, it was apparent that it wasn't a fair and balanced segment with Republicans getting about 3 minutes and the Democrats getting around 55 or so seconds.

Below is my transcript between Trace Gallagher and Carl Cameron:

Trace Gallagher: Well, as you decide 08 the scorecard after a huge weekend in presidential politics, first campaign trails crossed paths at the site of the bloody battle for civil rights as Barack Obama tries to become the nation's first black president. And Hilary Clinton? The nations's first woman president.

On the GOP side big numbers for one early frontrunner with Newsweek giving a 25 point lead, 25 points to Rudy Guiliani over Senator John McCain. The chief political correspondant Carl Cameron is live for us in Washington D.C. 25 points Carl, even at this stage of the game that sounds like that's a pretty good sized lead.

Carl Cameron: Well, sure and it probably speaks more than anything to Rudy Guilianis' name recognition. Newsweeks polls, nationwide polls, not as important as the ones in the early test states but it indicates that Rudy Guiliani does have a large contingent of good will left over from his time as quote "America's Mayor", Mayor of New York City during the time of 9/11 attacks and the immediate aftermath.

Guillani came in second in a straw poll over the weekend, Trace, at the Conservative Political Action Conference that took place here in Washington. Mitt Romney actually ended up being the winner of that. That's a big victory for him and he had been courting conservative votes, will do so agressively for the remainder of this primary race and there is some doubt on the right whether his socially liberal views as recently as two to three years ago should disqualify him as a conservative standard bearer, but he won the C-PAC straw poll handily. Rudy Guiliani came in second and surprisingly, John McCain, who skipped the event, came in a distant fifth. A bad showing for the Arizona Senator but perhaps some payback from the conferees (sp) who were angry because he was a no show.

TG: Yeah, and Carl is it showing that John McCain is losing some traction here when you look at this poll and the C-PAC numbers?

CC: Well, John McCain has a rough couple of months. There's been a lot of questions about whether his maverick status as a Republican who often bucked his own party and broke with the orthodoxy of conservative GOP sort of ideology can make a comeback and not run as a establishment juggernaut candidate...uh...they argue that he is a legitimate conservative. He does have a 80 plus rating with the American Conservative Union but he didn't go to the straw poll and in fairness, Mitt Romney's victory may have had something to do with he bought a lot of tickets and bussed in a lot of students to vote for him. These straw polls tend to be something that's kind of orchestrated behind the scenes.

TG: Yeah, Carl, and very quickly (of course, he had already given most of the time for the Republicans) down in Selma, Alabama, Hillary Clinton bringing the former president down with her. Does it show that she's running a little scare about Barack Obama kinda nipping at her heels a little bit? (Comment: Excuse me, but is he referring to Senator Obama as a dog?, he doesn't nip at anyone's heels)

CC: I woudn't say that she's scared, she's leading in the polls handedly, by double digits over Barack Obama but those very same polls show that among African Americans he has surged and is now more popular. Clinton still got the edge, but when it comes to black votes Obama is going to be very competitive if not at an advantage.

Comment: Not only did they spend a few minutes on Republicans as opposed to under a minute on the Democrats but Gallagher put Senator Clinton down by saying she was bringing along her husband to help her out when the clips of Guiliani and Romney included their spouses and he didn't say anything respectively. Also, it was odd after seeing the spouses of Guiliani and Romney in their clips, that in the clip of Hillary they didn't show her spouse, Bill Clinton. Is Fox afraid to show the former president?

We report, you decide.