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John Gibson Distorts Bill Maher Comment To Defend Ann Coulter

Reported by Deborah - March 5, 2007 -

John Gibson stated today on Big Story, 3/5/07, that Bill Maher's wish that Dick Cheney was dead was worse than Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a faggot. Gibson did eventually acknowledge that Maher didn't actually say that about Cheney on Real Time but claimed that was what he meant to say. It seems, however, that Gibson conveniently forgot to mention the context of Maher's comment which was made during a discussion with panel members on his show about Arianna Huffington deleting Cheney death wish comments from Huffington Post.

Gibson opened his My Word stating that Maher wished for Cheney's death.

"Bill Maher wishes the terrorist bomb had actually got Dick Cheney. Ann Coulter uses the "f" word about John Edwards."

Then he offers a twisted defense of Coulter claiming she doesn't really think Edwards is gay but just doesn't like him or liberals like him who think using " the F word" requires rehab. Somehow according to Gibson that reasoning justifies Coulter's slur.

Next he tried to make Maher look like a hypocrite with the claim that he hides his friendship with Coulter.

."Bill Maher has been in the bomb-throwing game for quite a while, and I don't suppose either he or Ann Coulter would like people knowing they are pals, after a fashion."

As anybody who ever watched Bill Maher knows, Maher never denied his friendship with Coulter and has openly defended their relationship on air in the past. Gibson's comment that he was hiding it is totally dishonest.

Realizing that he couldn't get away with a blatant lie about Maher's comment he offered this limited version of the truth.

"His remark about Cheney was about as close as you can come to saying I wish this person were dead without actually saying it. He did say millions of people wouldn't die if Cheney were dead, so one can logically conclude he wishes Cheney were dead, because he could not possibly wish that millions of other people would die.'

Here's what really happened on Real Time. Bill Maher wanted to know why Arianna Huffington had deleted the comments on Huffington Post from readers who were disappointed that Cheney hadn't been killed by the bomb in Afganistan. Maher raised the issue of free speech giving people the right to say whatever they wanted. The panel members opined that Huffington wanted to distance herself from the hate speech which people, like Gibson, would have connected to her. Maher offered his opinion that without Cheney millions of lives would be

comment:There's is big difference between Maher's comment in the context of a discussion and Coulter's pre planned slur during a serious political event. Gibson's defense was such a stretch that he needed to distort the truth to make it at all. Of course that's what Gibson does best.

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