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Thou Shalt Have No Hollywood In The Heartland

Reported by Chrish - March 4, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

After a brief hiatus, John Kaisch was back in the Heartland last night 3/03/07 with his “no nonsense sensibility on important stories” such as ultimate fighting, the man who said he was Jesus and now is saying he’s the anti-Christ, and Kirk Cameron live!! Surprisingly, there was no mention of Anna Nicole, Brittney Spears, or Paris Hilton.

The Heartland is faith based and in keeping with that theme, Kasich had a segment on the upcoming documentary “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” which will be aired on the Discovery Channel tonight. This film, about the discovery of 10 first century ossuaries which could possibly contain the bones of Jesus and his family, was produced by “Titanic” producer James Cameron and Canadian film maker Simcha Jacobovici. It has caused quite a stir in some areas of the Christian community to the point where, earlier this week on Fox News, conservative Brent Bozell said that it should not be televised.

Kasich interviewed, separately, James Pellegrino, author of the book “Jesus Family Tomb,” and former child star and fundamentalist guru Kirk Cameron.

Pellegrino spoke first and summarized the research. Kasich wasn’t buying any of it and asked why “nobody is picking on Mohammed, Confucius, and Buddha.” To Pellegrino’s statement that he “wasn’t debunking scripture,” Kasich said that this “contradicts scriptures” with talk of Jesus married and having a child and “I know you’re not trying to say bad things but this has the effect of undermining it.” Pellegrino said that the idea of Jesus having a child goes back hundreds of years with the speculation about the “Beloved Disciple” in the Gospel of John being a close relation of Jesus – at which point biblical scholar Kasich broke in to say “I appreciate your scholarship; but I gotta tell you nowhere does it talk about Mary Magdalene hanging out with Jesus and having a kid.”

It was now time for the erstwhile young Christian and former child star Kirk Cameron to spread a little gospel. In introducing him, Kasich showed Cameron’s website, “The Way of the Master” which was shown several times during the interview. The chyron read that Kirk grew up an atheist until he was 17. Kirk joked about how we can talk about Jesus having a son when we “can’t figure out who is the father of Anna Nicole’s baby.” He accused the filmmakers of twisting evidence to fit their agenda and “airing it at Easter so the public will buy it.” Kasich said that “there is a movement in Hollywood and among some intellectuals to kick Jesus around.” (Comment: and Fox News loves to kick Hollywood around.)

Cameron noted that you never hear the name of other religious leaders used as a curse word. (Comment: that’s because those doing the cursing are Christians!) Kasich added that he didn’t care “if they’re embracing it or not” and asked Cameron if he felt “isolated” in Hollywood. Cameron, who is in the “Left Behind” films, responded that it doesn’t matter because he was making “movies that inspire people, faith based movies based on facts of reliable evidence of New Testament scriptures and all the rest of science, history, and archeology.”

Kasich wrapped it up by asking if conservatives can come to Hollywood and join people like Steven Baldwin and Tom Selleck and “use it as an opportunity for good.” He told Cameron that “you’re a hip guy, you’re doing it, and you’re popular.” In finishing his sermonette, Kasich said that if you “isolate yourself you aren’t going to get it done – spread the word.”

Comment: One wonders why, if these faith based types are so certain, will their faith will be shattered by things like the DaVinci code and this documentary. Rather than have a “fair and balanced” discussion with a secular biblical scholar who might have mentioned that the gospels were not eye witness accounts and the New Testament “cannon” was decided 300 years later after editing out many other texts, we had John and Kirk preaching to the choir. The film has yet to be aired and Fox is already denouncing it. But Fox does rely on their audience accepting the gospel according to Fox – anything else, particularly if Hollywood is involved, is blasphemy!

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla