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Gingrich Revealed? FNC Conservative Says Smearing "Part Of His Character"

Reported by Ellen - March 4, 2007 -

On Friday night’s Hannity & Colmes (3/2/07), Newt Gingrich was back to posing as a “uniter” again, claiming he wants to raise the level of debate while “forgetting” how many times he has lowered it. Gingrich was not there in person. Viewers saw some excerpts from a debate he had in New York with Mario Cuomo. The sole guest was a conservative, National Review’s Steven Spruiell. Predictably, Spruiell praised Gingrich, saying he got more laughter, then took a swipe at Cuomo and New Yorkers by saying that Cuomo got more applause because he said more of what "the New York audience wanted to hear." Then Alan Colmes asked Spruiell why Gingrich, if he was so intent on removing the poison from politics, had smeared Hillary Clinton in the New York Post that same day. With video.

Spruiell was obviously at a loss to answer. After stumbling a bit, he stuttered, “Because that’s in his character.” Spruiell must have realized his faux pas. He fumblingly blamed the media "focusing on Gingrich's liabilities" for keeping him out of the campaign. Spuiell then added the dubious "explanation," “As long as he can be calling for this broader-minded debate, he has the higher ground.”