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O'Reilly respectful to guest Martha Raddatz - of course they're in complete agreement.

Reported by Chrish - March 3, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly had Martha Raddatz of ABC News as a guest last night 3/2/07 to discuss her new book, "The Long Road Home: a story of war and family", and, ostensibly, the problems in Iraq. (However, problems were not addressed.) Unlike NBC correspondents and New York Times columnists with whom he disagrees, O'Reilly treated Raddatz with respect.

Raddatz' book does not look at policy but rather at the troops and their families. She asserts that we, Americans at large, are not making any sacrifices for this war and the burden falls solely on the troops and their families, and she wanted to tell their stories. She focuses on the battle of Sadr City in April 2004 (where Casey Sheehan lost his life) and the members of the army's 1st Cavalry division, who thought they were going into a peacekeeping mission and wound up in a bloodbath.

Asked by O'Reilly what she learned in the writing of this book, she said that the military is made up of diverse individuals each with their own unique perspective and opinions. She said they don't pay attention to the polciy discussions going on here; they have a day-to-day job to do.

But of course O'Reilly wanted to spotlight Casey Sheehan and his mother, Cindy, whom he called radical and accused of "spouting a lot of anti-American stuff." Raddatz related the reactions of Sheehan and another mother who lost her son that night: Sheehan fell on the floor sobbing, as you can imagine; another woman embraced the notification officer and thanked him for doing such a difficult job. Nodding O'Reilly agreed, that shows you the different reactions, and said Sheehan got very bitter, but whether you like her or not - he caught himself and corrected, whether you appreciate her perspective or not, people will have different reactions. O'Reilly said a guy was just killed in his town, Regan, and his family is very proud of him and proud of America, and reacted 180 degrees differently from Cindy Sheehan. What he took, from "looking over" her book, was that people who generalize about the soldiers' and families' reactions - that's bull. Maddatz jumped in to say that they are just like us, a compeltely diverse community, difference being they're making the sacrifice and we're not.

Acknowledging that Raddatz, who's been to Iraq 12 times compared to his once, would know better, O'Reilly generalized that from what he saw, the soldiers in Iraq are proud to be there and proud of America. They don't think they're doing anything wrong, or immoral, or deceitful. Raddatz agreed, and added that some soldiers are back in Iraq and their families are supporting them. (Do they have a choice?)

O'Reilly said to her that there are people in the world, in this country, who think we're Huns, invaders and exploiters, which he thinks it's dishonest, and he's glad she agrees with him.

Well, why else would she be on the show to talk about Iraq? Only positive stories about Iraq are allowed on FOX - so think what that means when there is no reporting on Iraq for days or even weeks on end. O'Reilly recommended the book and ended the segment.

Note: ABC enjoys most-favored-network status at FOX. O'Reilly touts their ratings gains as surely as he chortles over NBC's dips.

A small percentage of the anti-war movement holds the individual troops accountable. The vast majority realize that troops follow orders and hold the Bush-Cheney administration, a weak Congress, and the Rumsfeld Pentagon responsible for the debacle in Iraq.

Honor the warriors, not the war.