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"Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld" Insults Will Smith's Son

Reported by Marie Therese - March 2, 2007 -

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning February 27th during the mindless banter that passes for human speech on FOX News Channel's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, the regular panel of Gutfeld, Rachel Marsden and Bill Schulz shared their space with guests Kevin Godlington (Managing Director of Treejumpers Adventure Centers), Drew Curtis (founder of the immensely popular Fark.com) and Samantha Judge (Maxim Radio Gossip Guru). In general they spent a lot of time making snide comments about Academy Awards winners, presenters and performers, including Al Gore, Celine Dion, Jack Nicholson and Sherry Lansing. However in my opinion they seriously crossed the line when it came to comments made about the two child presenters, Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Jaden Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness).

Kevin Godlington, who was in London, dominated the first segment which was a hate-fest directed at Al Gore an the Hollywood elite. I never did figure out why a guy who runs wilderness camps in London was booked on a show about the entertainment industry, but that's Red Eye for you - a vehicle for Gutfeld to give free publicity to his old Maxim buddies and others.

Drew Curtis of Fark.com looked ill-at-ease throughout this segment and said very little.

As for Samantha Judge, she was right at home, since she was clearly an old acquaintance of Gutfeld's from his days at Maxim in London.

Which brings me to the meat of this post.

Insulting children.

Here's the transcript of what occurred.

I leave it to you, our readers, to decide if you think the following remarks were appropriate or crassly insensitive.

SAMANTHA JUDGE, Maxim Radio Gossip Guru: I just thought that she looked like crap and I thought it was a load of crap. I don't know. I thought her (Sherry Lansing) and Celine Dion should jump off a bridge or something like - I wanted them to do something!

GREG GUTFELD: I want to go to that scene where there are these two little people on stage. What was that? It was like they were giving away an award.

DREW CURTIS, founder of Fark.com: To Schwarzenegger?

VIDEO CLIP of Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Jaden Smith, son of Oscar nominee Will Smith and co-star with his dad in The Pursuit of Happyness walking onstage at the Academy Awards as presenters.

GREG GUTFELD: There it is. There's tiny people. I think this is incredibly gratuitous that they're using dwarfs to give away awards.


SAMANTHA JUDGE: Greg, those aren't dwarfs. Those are children.

DREW CURTIS: You know, (indecipherable) people are so much better than this.

GUTFELD (loudly): Those are dwarfs!!!

SAMANTHA JUDGE: Those are children.

GREG GUTFELD: Those are not children!!

SAMANTHA JUDGE: That is Will Smith's son who is in The Pursuit of Happyness and the little girl that was nominated for the Academy Award.

VIDEO CLIP: Close-up of Jaden Smith.

GREG GUTFELD: Oh. (indecipherable) was a 45-year-old drunk.


BILL SCHULZ, Freelance Writer and Red Eye Producer: Clearly they're laughing at the black midget rather than laughing with him.

GREG GUTFELD: Yes, I think there's ...

DREW CURTIS: Hey, they made two sitcoms in the 1980s out of that. I mean. You know.


BILL SCHULZ: That's true!

DREW CURTIS: (indecipherable) than that.

BILL SCHULZ: That's a good point.

SAMANTHA JUDGE: Greg, I hope that Will Smith isn't watching because he would kick your butt.


If you think these comments were not funny and, in fact, were demeaning and insulting, let FOX News know it by sending them an email.