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O'Reilly Blocks Publicity on Book About Him

Reported by Judy - March 2, 2007 -

You know how Bill O'Reilly is always whining about people who won't come on his show and practically begging prominent Democrats to do so? Well, here's a guy who wrote a book about Bill-O and O'Reilly is reneging on his promise to have him on. With video.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, host of "Countdown," featured the book's author, Marvin Kitman, on his show on Thursday (March 1, 2007). Kitman said O'Reilly had participated in 29 interviews for the book and promised to have him on the "O'Reilly Factor" to promote the book.

Instead, Kitman said O'Reilly has reneged on that offer and has intimidated other shows on Fox News into not interviewing Kitman about the book, titled appropriately, The Man Who Would Not Shut Up.

The book, unfortunately, is not a hit-job on O'Reilly. It's a, ahem, fair and balanced look at O'Reilly. Kitman said he liked O'Reilly and actually compared his influence on journalism to that of Edward R. Murrow.

"It's the only book that has ever said anything positive about Bill, except the six he wrote himself," Kitman told Olbermann.

But Kitman said O'Reilly wanted him to ignore the phone sex scandal involving Andrea Mackris. When Kitman insisted on including a chapter about the incident (rather than the three he had written), Kitman said O'Reilly was upset.

"I was shocked, shocked I say, that he couldn't deal with this," said Kitman, adding O'Reilly turned out to be "not so much ... in favor of telling it like it is, but like it isn't" and a "hypocrite."

Gee, what a surprise there.

Olbermann had fun with it.