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John Gibson claims cab drivers want to impose Sharia law on their passengers

Reported by Chrish - March 2, 2007 -

John Gibson's "My Word" segment yesterday was an irate rant against cab drivers in Minneapolis who won't pick up passengers carrying alcohol (how would they know??) or who are intoxicated, against Minneapolis Airport Authority laws. Gibson extrapolates that to say Sharia law evidently rules at the airport, where "up to" 80% of the cab drivers are Somalian-Muslims.

Gibson writes

"At first this story was reported as a few Muslim cab drivers. It now turns out the few is way, way more. Up to 80 percent of the cab drivers are Muslim-Somalis and they want to impose Sharia law on their passengers: no alcohol. Certainly no bottles of alcohol in the cab, and soon no alcohol in the passenger. What's on your breath, bub? Beer? You can walk.

This is outrageous and the Minneapolis Airport Authority insisted the Muslim cab drivers obey the law. But the cab drivers have now refused. They want Sharia law for themselves and imposed on their passengers. If the Minneapolis Airport Authority caves on this, every member of that board should be fired.

If Muslim cabbies won't obey our law they should go back to where their law is the law of the land. Somalia is a hellhole, but if they want to live under Somali law they can certainly go back there and live as they please. But they are here, and in this country the law is not based on the Koran and these cab drivers need to learn that fast.

I can't believe the people of Minnesota will cave to this, but I suppose they might. Political correctness is afoot in the land. Who are we to demand our own law when new arrivals want to impose theirs?"

Gibson didn't need to exaggerate the facts or speculate on the next step to make his point. I don't disagree that the cab drivers should have to obey local laws, though maybe a career change is more in order than deportation. Gibson missed an opportunity to tie this service refusal to Christian pharmacists who will not dispense pregnancy-prevention prescriptions or over the counter medicines. Rather than targeting Muslims whose beliefs and adherence will not permit them to perform their jobs, he could have made a wider, more fair and balanced condemnation of all religious people who use their jobs to impose their beliefs on others. It's all un-American.