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Fox Poll: Too Much Anna Nicole Coverage

Reported by Judy - March 2, 2007 -

"Fox and Friends" continued Friday (March 2, 2007) to follow every movement in the Anna Nicole Smith saga, even as its own poll showed people thought the media has been spending too much time on it.

Co-host Steve Doocy alluded to the poll by Opinion Dynamics, which found 78 percent think the media is overdoing the coverage. "And yet so many of you are watching the pictures," said Doocy, self-righteously.

The poll, discussed more fully in a story on the Fox News website, said that only 14 percent believe the public is demanding as much coverage as the media is supplying.

The poll also found respondents to be knowledgeable about the case, able to identify key actors in it, for example. But with saturation coverage, who could help that, especially with Fox News going out of the way to make it easy for viewers. At the end of the story on the Fox News website, for example, there was a link to the Fox News.com "Anna Nicole Smith center."

Despite the poll's findings, Doocy et al continued to hype the upcoming Smith funeral, showing video of the coffin being loaded in the airplane, discussing details of the funeral, and then featuring a segment on Smith's former husband wanting to move the body of their dead son, Danny, from the Bahamas to Texas.

For all of Fox News' claims that it is "America's Newsroom," Fox News is not in touch with what viewers want on this story, according to its own poll. Yet it continues to cater to the 14 percent who say they want this coverage. Why? What else is it going to cover -- the war in Iraq?

Well, there always is Britney Spears. In fact, the Fox News poll also asked a question about Spears, wanting to know who should get custody of their two children.