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Cavuto Reminds Viewers that Their Tax Dollars Pay for Government Projects...when Democrats Propose the Project

Reported by Melanie - March 2, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto isn't one to talk much about your tax dollars. Specifically, how Republicans have spent your tax dollars over the last five years, and even more specifically, how many of your tax dollars have been sent to, oh, say, Iraq. Yet he is quick to point out how Democrats want to spend your tax dollars, as in this little ditty from the "Fox Stox" segment of today's (March 2, 2007) show:

Nancy Pelosi is flexing her muscle again. The House speaker looking to spend more of your green to make the Capitol green. Pelosi wants Capitol buildings to be more energy efficient. A final report on the matter is due out in June.

This has nothing to do with "stox" of course but apparently "Fox Stox" was the only place Cavuto could think to stick it...to Democrats that is.