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Fox Accidentally Exposes the Inner Workings of Its Propaganda Machine

Reported by Melanie - March 1, 2007 -

Roughly 20 minutes into Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (March 1, 2007), Cavuto began to introduce four guests who were going to participate in a roundtable discussion. During his introduction, the chyron at the bottom of the screen read "MEDIA TO BLAME?" and for a second, a New York Times headline appeared on the screen: "Calm Returns to Market, But Worries Persist."

The title of that article has been changed on the NYT website. Here is a link to the title as Fox had it, but as you can see, Fox made a major omission. It left three words off at the end: "...Over Subprime Loans." The original title read: "Calm Returns to Market, But Worries Persist Over Subprime Loans."

Meanwhile, Cavuto moved on to the roundtable discussion and the chyron at the bottom of the screen switched to: "Media to Blame for Wild Swings on Wall St?" However, discussion that followed was about the impediments to a continued rise in the market: The risks, the vulnerabilities, consumer debt, U.S. debt, etc. In other words, the worries!

For two minutes the media-to-blame chyron stayed at the bottom of the screen before it changed to: "Dow Bounces Back From Early 200 Pt. Plunge."

Comment: Cavuto interrupted his show several times prior to this segment to cover the tornadoes that are occurring in the south. I suspect his crew was a bit discombobulated but he obviously had originally intended to do a segment blaming the media -- in particular that alleged bastion of the "liberal media," the New York Times -- for the "wild swings" on Wall Street. He intended to claim that it concentrates on the "worries" (instead of on the wonders of Bush's economic team). He was going to use a cropped New York Time's title as the premise for his propaganda. But then, due to the disruption caused by the breaking weather news, he ended up doing a segment on exactly what he was going to bash "the [liberal] media" for.

Cavuto had a hard time keeping his lies straight today.