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Bill O'Reilly Courting Al Gore

Reported by Deborah - March 1, 2007 -

Tuesday night, 2/27, during the weekly Body Language segment, Bill O'Reilly made it clear that he wanted Al Gore to come on The Factor and last night during the spot with Dennis Miller, O'Reilly actually defended Gore when Miller started in with the right wing energy consumption smear. Chances are that all this good will means BOR is courting Gore until he comes on the show..

Last night, Tanya Reiman, Body Language expert, analyzed a clip of Bill McCuddy challenging Gore on the red carpet before the Oscars about going on O'Reilly's show. Gore was not defensive and seemed open to the idea saying he would like to do it. Reiman confirmed Gore's sincerity adding that he did appear to feel challenged by McCuddy because he raised his chin slightly. O'Reilly wanted to know why Tipper was looking down and Reiman assured him that she felt a little uncomfortable in the situation. Commenting that he really wanted Gore to come on the show, he seemed sincerely pleased that he hadn't reacted negatively to the idea.

O'Reilly started the segment with Miller trying to establish their joint status as Hollywood outsiders by asking Miller if he had been to any Oscar parties. Miller gave a rational explanation to why he wasn't invited this year by Graydon Carter who gives the Vanity Fair party.

"This year he didn't. And then I saw the guest list, Gore and Natalie Maines. You know, these are people that I kind of poke fun at. So I can see where he wouldn't want to make them uncomfortable."

O'Reilly mused that " these people" aren't confrontational claiming that Natalie Maines was nice to his face and waited until the next day to talk against him. He didn't go into the details of how he had bashed the Dixie Chicks before their meeting or how admirabe it was for Maines to control herself when face to face.

When Al Gore was discussed, O'Reilly would have been happy to let Miller rip him up but the attack was muted.

"Well, listen, Leo, who is quite an impressive guy. I think he should front that effort, opposed to Gore who I find a bit of a stiff. But he said it's the first green Oscars.

And you know, when Gore came up, I don't like lock step, even if it's ostensibly about open-mindedness. And that's what it seems like. Everybody is on board. This same woman, Tipper Gore, they used to polarize and make fun of, all of a sudden they're the belles of the ball."

When Miller side stepped into the phony energy consumption stuff, O'Reilly defended gore with:

"Well, but the thing is everybody can be called upon as a hypocrite. Everybody. Nobody — you could say OK, you want this, but you do that. And for Gore, I think Gore is doing a service. I think we should have a debate about global warming. Fine."

So it looks like Gore has escaped a full fledged O'Reilly hatchet job for now unless,of course, he refuses to come on The Factor .