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Keith Olbermann KOs fraudulent accusations about Al Gore's electricity usage

Reported by Chrish - February 28, 2007 -

As noted early this morning, Drew Johnson's Tn Center for Policy Research is not recognized as a "legitimate organization" by the TN Dept. of Revenue, yet he's been all over FOX News calling Al Gore a hypocrite. Keith Olbermann further exposes the shoddy manipulative work they do to further the right-wing agenda and simultaneously proves the Al Gore is not a hypocrite - he's walking the walk. With video.

Johnson fudged the numbers, not pointing out to viewers that Gore's electricity is way more expensive per kwh than normal because he buys green energy, so of course his bill would be higher by multiples right off the bat. His usage is higher than average because he lives in a much larger home than average, which houses offices for both himself and his wife, guest quarters, and has extra security measures. Johnson's hosts (Hannity and Gibson) added to the misconception of Gore's supposed hypocrisy by muddying the issue of carbon offsets, rather than clarifying and educating viewers. (This reminds me so much of the bamboozlement employed at OJ Simpson's trial, where jurors were so overwhelmed by confusing information on DNA evidence that they chose to ignore it.)

Johnson's attempts to smear Gore and provide lame documentation should have been uncovered by the "journalists" at FOX who hosted him, much like they insist Dan Rather should have confirmed the origin of the documents that got him in so much trouble. But, as they accuse Rather, this guy was bolstering their case against Al Gore - he's been all over FOX.

Now that he's been exposed as a total fraud, will FOX News correct the record and clear Gore's name, or will they let the smears stand?

Keith Olbermann provides some MATH on the subject:

Once again Keith Olbermann exposes the propaganda at FOX News.