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FOX News Conflates Cheney Assassination Attempt WIth Liberal Bloggers. Hannity Calls For Secret Service Investigations

Reported by Ellen - February 28, 2007 -

Leave it to FOX News to spin the assassination attempt on Dick Cheney as part of some kind of liberal conspiracy. After a brief report on the actual events, Hannity & Colmes flowed seamlessly into a story about comments on Huffington Post threads expressing regret that the would-be assassins had missed their mark. Arianna Huffington issued a statement denouncing such comments and affirming that any such comments would be removed. But that wasn’t good enough for Sean Hannity. He tried to argue that Huffington approved of such remarks and that the Secret Service should be investigating. With video.

I’ve been very critical of Kirsten Powers but, as she did the previous night, she showed some real spunk and ability, this time as she met and demolished Hannity’s arguments. She pointed out that Hannity was clueless about the blogging process and that, contrary to what he stated, posts are not approved by Huffington beforehand. Powers said she has posted there. “I go on, I post and it just goes up,” she said, which is a pretty good description of how blogging works. Powers further noted that the offensive comments about Cheney were made by anonymous commenters, not any of the Huffington Post bloggers.

Nevertheless the other guest, James Taranto, used the occasion to attack liberals anyway. Apropos of nothing related to HuffPo or Cheney, Taranto claimed that conservatives are "circumspect" with their prejudices but that there’s a “disinhibition on a certain part of the left-wing fringe.” Obviously, he has not read some of the more horrific comments on our blog, nor some of our hate-mail, or he would know that there’s plenty of hate-filled “disinhibition” on the right.

Taranto further said he couldn’t remember a conservative saying a liberal politician should be assassinated. Oh no? How about Ann Coulter “joking” about poisoning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens? Taranto also might want to take a look at this post on Media Matters in which several right wing pundits, including FOX News’ own Bill O’Reilly, talk about killing Bill Clinton, Michael Moore and Michael Kinsley.

Hannity claimed he reads liberal websites regularly. “These remarks are common,” he said. Also “forgetting” Ann Coulter and the above list, he went on to talk about the “vitriol” of the left and “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

“Should the Secret Service investigate this?” Hannity asked. “Why shouldn’t they investigate? …Why shouldn’t they?”

At the end, Alan Colmes said he was “just thrilled” to know Hannity reads liberal blogs.

“I gotta know what the enemy like you thinks,” "Great American" Hannity answered.