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FOX Fave And Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist Fired Over Missing $400,000

Reported by Ellen - February 28, 2007 -

One of FOX News' favorite organizations, The Minutemen, seems to be having a bit of trouble these days. To quote from Pensito Review:

Earlier this month, the board of directors of the Minuteman anti-illegal immigrant group forcibly removed founder Jim Gilchrist as president, saying it found over $400,000 missing from the organization’s bank accounts. Gilchrist took the matter to court yesterday, asking a judge to reinstate him, and leveling counter-charges at his former allies:

Gilchrist said all money raised by his organization was accounted for and that his critics had leveled false allegations to gain control of the organization. In court papers, he accused his opponents of hacking into the Minuteman website, stealing money from Minuteman bank accounts, diverting other money to funds they control and stealing 20,000 pieces of letterhead and envelopes.

... Minuteman board members say that:

[A] direct mail company helped raise $750,000 for the group in 2006, but that she believes the Minuteman campaign received only $311,000. [New treasurer Deborah] Courtney said she and others had been unable to trace the rest of the money…

You can read the rest of the article here. H/T to Buzzflash.

Anyone want to bet how long until Gilchrist becomes a FOX News contributor?