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'Fox and Friends' Ready to Declare War on Mexico

Reported by Judy - February 28, 2007 -

"Fox and Friends" were nearly ready to declare war on Mexico Wednesday (February 28, 2007) in their promos of an upcoming segment, but when they finally got to the story, the facts did not back up their claim. With video.

The Three News Stooges hyped a "documentary" called Border directed by Chris Burgard, which they said demonstrated that members of the Mexican Army were shooting at U.S. law enforcement officials across the U.S.-Mexican border.

Co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade twice claimed that the documentary would show that the Mexican army was doing the shooting. Then they played a clip from the documentary in which someone identified as a "volunteer" said the Mexican military was shooting at U.S. citizens across the border.

Finally, Doocy and Kilmeade asked Burgard himself, who first claimed, oh, yeah, the Mexican military is doing the shooting, only to back off and say it could be members of para-military groups or members of drug cartels.

Hype, hype, hype, fizzle. The facts were reported, but not until a totally different impression was drilled into viewers heads.