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Big Story viewers ill-informed and it shows

Reported by Chrish - February 28, 2007 -

Nothing damns some people more than repeating their own ignorant words verbatim. Herewith some of the viewer mail John Gibson read at the end of Big Story today 2/28/07.

The first letter was from one of the (two) normal people:

"Al Gore's home is not an average size home. Sure he uses a lot of electricity: it's a big house!"

The other normal person wrote
"You didn't note that he (Gore) buys credits to offset 100% of is carbon-based energy uses to achieve carbon neutrality. Who in your audience can say that?"

to which Gibson glibly replied "Robert, I'm still not clear what energy offsets are, and neither is Rich Engman in Minneapolis:"
"Carbon credits are the Green's form of environmental absolution, which only rich and famous limousine liberals can afford."

Another wrote
"Am I to understand that all the loonies on the left, who live in huge mansions and travel in private jets, may excuse their callous disregard for the environment by buying a carbon "what"?"

Gibson said, condescendingly, "Carbon offset or credit, Jerry."
Last but not least in shear stupidity and nastiness on the topic,
"By the size of Big Al, he must use a lot of carbons to cook whatever he eats."

Grinning Gibson scolded "Lisa, the fat jokes are not cool."
The final letter was not about Gore but about the obese child whose mother had child abuse charges leveled against her.
"If the child was gay instead of overweight, would the government still want to "cure" him?"

Yes, these people are eedjits. And Gibson wants them to stay that way (witness the lack of education forthcoming about carbon offsets and carbon neutrality) so they'll keep coming back to his tabloid show. It's so much easier and cheaper than the news business!