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Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Believe Women Have Equality Issues

Reported by Deborah - February 27, 2007 -

Lis Wiehl appeared on The Factor to plug her new book, "The 51% Minority: How Women Are Still Not Equal and What You Can Do About It" and Bill O'Reilly refused to accept her premise calling it " petty grievances". Of course, viewers were not offered enough information about Wiehl's book to decide for themselves because BOR shot down every point she tried to make. When Wiehl complained that women pay for their birth control while " you get your Viagra for free, O'Reilly nearly jumped from his seat, "I don't get anything" for free.

Wiehl was making the valid point that insurance plances don't cover birth control but do cover Viagra. O'Reilly with sarcastic sympathy chided, " You have to pay for your own birth control!" After Wiehl changed her wording saying that men, not O'Reilly himself, need to pay for their own Viagra, he begrudgingly agreed that this would be fair.

Wiehl related a story about an earlier teaching job where she discovered the guy with less expereince and a smaller department made $5000. more and when she complained to the Dean, he gave her the money but wanted her silence. O"Reilly chose to ignore the gender inequity barking at her, " You got hosed!" and " That's the world. You want the government to do it!"

Wiehl tried to deny the accusation about the government but BOR was perched on his soapbox telling her that he moved 10 times in 15 years while he was working his way up in radio.He claimed he " got hosed" but kept moving on which she should have done. Wiehl, patience growing thin, reminded him that she doesn't work for " pin money", " I work for a mortgage and kids.

O'Reilly, teasing and laughing at her, told her she had it good and if in another country would be wearing a burka. He summed it all up with," The women have to say, I'm out of here."

Although viewers still have no idea what the book is about, Lis Wiehl still got her plug because there were plenty of women watching who realize that if Bill O'Reilly is so threatened, it just might be a worthwhile read.