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Big Story = current events for dummies

Reported by Chrish - February 27, 2007 -

Now we know John Gibson has admitted that if people want tabloid gossip instead of news, he does not think it's his place to say "no," and he will give them what they want. After all, it's about ratings at FOX, that's been made very clear. Here's what got air and what didn't today 2/27/07 on The Big Story.

Big story - Stock market drop 3 minutes
Terry Keenan - all roads lead to China. Shanghai index down 9%, "Asian contagion" causes ripple. 401K holders should look at international holdings to determine if solid like Dutch unilever, or racy Chinese, Thai, Indian stocks? Learned from Bret Baier that Bush was on phone with Hank Paulson, Treasury Sec'y, at close of market, clearly concerned, very unusual.

Big Outrage - Gore not so green 4 minutes
What does Al Gore do to make a difference? He talks a lot. (Comment: and that has made a big difference!!) He is a hypocrite because he hasn't given up his big home, which uses 20 times the electricity of a "normal" home. Drew Johnson (TN Ctr for Policy Research, who compiled report on Gore's energy consumption, at whose request we can only wonder. Also, TN Dept. of Revenue says conservative think tank ‘not a legitimate group’), guest. lectures "walk the walk" without addressing issue that poor people who use less can't afford to travel the world and educate. Says carbon credits and vouchers are way to buy his way out of his own guilt. Gore is a hypocrite, Gibson conveniently has graphic ready to go. "If you're going to tell people to cut off their appliances, buy low-energy washers and refrigerators, and then you go out and have a $30k electric bill...and this is a man who has a heated pool, who has natural gas lanterns lining the driveway of his home...simply when it comes down to the integrity of practicing what you preach, he doesn't get it done." Asked if Gore does other things to qualify being green that they may be overlooking, Johnson replies (essentially) no and harps for the third time on the $$ electric bill.

Gore's take: Laura Schwartz represents for him 2 mins
First, Gore statement on screen that Gore family calculates their carbon footprint, reduces where they can, and offset the rest - the steps to a carbon neutral life. Schwartz said Gore's home uses green power, and he purchases offsets for the natural gas. Gore's home contains his and his wife's offices,... Gibson interrupts to ask what is a carbon offset? (Perhaps he should have done a minute's research before the show?) Schwartz explains; reduce emission where you can: energy efficient appliances, lightbulbs, carpool, etc., and where you can't, buy offsets (the most popular and affordable being planting trees).

Big Justice - burying ANS 4 1/2 minutes

Big politics - Pelosi's broken promises <4 minutes
Gibson: Pelosi has shown she just can't deliver (5 day workweek, xxx, bi-partisanship, xxx, ethics, xxx - all buzzed with a sound effect). What's it gonna take for Pelosi to make good on her word? Are these insurmountable problems she shouldn't have promised?
Jane Fleming, Young Democrats of America - She is making good. A lot of this info came from Politico and it is absolutely false (imagine that - Gibson took the entire premise of the segment from a right-wing blog). F'rinstance, Pelosi's presided over more 5-day weeks in one month than there has been in two years. And the six bills Pelosi promised in the first 100 hours actually got through in the first fifty. Bi-partisanship? Democrats got their six bills passed with bi-partisan support, and then the iraq bills came up. dems will put their priorities first; Gibson grumbles that it was supposed to be different. Apparently he thinks that now Democrats are in charge, the minority should rule - lol, what a tool. Ethics? drag Jefferson's cold cash out. He's been stripped of the Appropriations committee position (phew!) and placed on Homeland Security (uh-oh). What about Democrats fundraising from people with business before their committees? She hints that if we had public financing it would not be an issue, and rebuts "let's look at the Republican side" if we're going to talk scandals. Gibson blusters "W-w-we're squeaky clean, Jane! (She laughed out loud.) That's the point, she's supposed to be squeaky clean!"
Oopsy, he said "we."

Daily Sandy Burglar Reminder - 1 minute
This is known as the LWF school or reporting - Lest We Forget, a close relative of Blip and Drip: hatever the RW wants to bury gets a single blip (maybe at 3AM), while a story they want to push gets the drip treatment - day after day repetition. Obviously Berger is a drip; the war in Iraq is a blip.

Update on Duke U. drama - 45 sec.

FOX News Alert - Dow trading interrupted toward end of day by technical difficulties - 15 sec

Big Scandal - Sorority rejects fat, ugly girls Douglas Kennedy reporting 3 1/2 minutes

Big Issue - Study finds college kids increasingly narcissistic 3 minutes 15sec.

Big Talker - American Idol contestant nudes on the web 4 1/2 minutes, with plenty of photos

Big Debate - allowing kids to get fat child abuse? <5 minutes

Your Word 30 secs.

My Word 2 minutes 30 sec.

So roughly 30 minutes of fluff and propaganda, and 30 minutes teasing said fluff and propaganda and commercials. They report??? You decide.

What didn't get any attention on the Big Story today: see RawStory.com