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Al Sharpton's Great-grandfather owned by Strom Thurmond's relatives

Reported by Chrish - February 27, 2007 -

On the O'Reilly Factor 2/26/07 Bill O'Reilly asked Al Sharpton "Why is this important to you?" as an intro to discussing the news that Sharpton's ancestors were owned by relatives of Strom Thurmond. (Again keep in mind that O'Reilly was a history major and briefly a high school teacher.)

O'Reilly said that he could understand why a person would want to know where their ancestors came from and what they did, but asked is it important the segregationist Thurmond's "family owned your family?" Sharpton said his reaction, his shock at the confirmation of who was a slave, when and where, would have been the same no matter who owned his ancestors, but the irony of it being relatives of this extreme segregationist is great.

Sharpton explained some of the history, the full report by the New York Daily News is here.