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This Fox News "Expert" Should Appear Over a Laugh Track

Reported by Melanie - February 26, 2007 -

Jonathan Hoenig is the "managing member of a "private investment partnership" named Capitalistpig.com. He is a frequent guest on Fox's Your World w/Neil Cavuto and on its Saturday morning "business news lineup." According to his bio, Hoenig has been featured in numerous publications including The Chronicle of Higher Education which is worrisome because what he said today (February 26, 2007) during a roundtable discussion about global warming is typical of his spiels.

Neil, if you listen to what the Greens say, they hate industry. They hate the modern advanced technological industrial economy. They believe that man should be subordinate to nature and I just don't see how our economy or our markets will thrive when you give more rights to a stupid owl than a human being.

The Greens, Neil, they hate development. Whether it's logging; whether it's nuclear power; whether it's lumber; whether it's coal; whether it's mining, they hate anything that pushes society forward and I'm sorry if you want to save the caribou. Caribou can't start a company. Caribou can't invent the next [inaudible].

The Greens, Wayne, would say we should have no energy. They would say we should have horseback because whatever it is, whether it's wind power or nuclear or whatever, they hate energy in general.

Comment: Hoenig is Fox's version of a financial expert. Fox considers Hoenig worthy of repeated stints on its "business news" shows; evidence that Fox has no intention of actually informing its viewers...but you can be sure your hate and anger buttons will be pushed.