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John Gibson Turns Green With Bile Over Al Gore's Oscar Win

Reported by Deborah - February 26, 2007 -

John Gibson , like a bitter old gossip, ridiculed Al Gore and everyone at the Oscars who expressed their respect and admiration for him last night. Dan Gainor joined Gibson in the smear fest and Mike Allen provided some political thoughts about the possibility of Gore running in 2008. Gibson determined to make Gore's dedication to the environment look like hype offered some serious distortions about last night's Oscars to FOX viewers. 2/26/07

First came the shot of Gore with " Golden Boy" on the chyron for the tease. Then Gibson announced it was all " big politics" claiming that the nebulous " many people' are saying he's "dipping his big toe"into the possibility of a run. Gibson sneered that Hollywood had joined his crusade showing a clip of Gore and Di Caprio announcing that the Oscars for the first time had gone green.

The question was asked, " Does hyping green, make you green?" Gibson insinuated that nothing was done beside a few hybrid drop offs. Dan Gainor agreed saying they were all pretending. "They throw money at charities and say they're green."

Gibson proudly displayed one of his pre-school tabloid graphics showing Gore as the Jolly Green Giant. " Jolly Green Giant or just running for President?" Gainor jumped in to say that now "John Kerry is the certified loser' and Gore has lost the " Rodney Dangerfield" tag.

Gibson neglected to tell his viewers what steps were actually taken to make the Oscars ecologically friendly. According to the press release on the Oscars website, the Academy partnered with the NRDC to make some serious changes.

"NRDC, the nation's leading environmental research and advocacy organization, was instrumental in helping to oversee every aspect of this collaboration with the producer to assure that ecologically intelligent practices were implemented. The organization arranged for the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to conduct an energy audit of the production and related events to assess their impact on the environment, and advised the production team on changes that could be made to save energy, encourage the use of recycled paper, prevent waste, and offset carbon emissions.

Results included:

* Energy audit of Kodak Theatre; efficiency plan and recommendations.
* Renewable energy credits were purchased from Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset carbon emissions from pre-show, red-carpet event, Oscar telecast, and Governor's Ball.
* Use of ecologically superior paper for telecast and non-telecast event materials such as nomination ballots, envelopes, press materials, programs, invitations, and certificates.
* Hybrid vehicle transportation provided for presenters and staff.
* Comprehensive recycling system instituted for event waste.
* Crew meals and craft services included reusable service materials and accessories, post-consumer tissue products, and biodegradable dishware.
* Governors' Ball menu featured organic and environmentally-friendly food, including seafood, dairy, produce, and even the large chocolate Oscar.
* Left-over Governor's Ball food donated to Angel Harvest."

Leonardo Di Caprio clearly announced last night that information about the environmental initiatives at the Oscars could be found on the Oscar website. There was no attempt at hype and Gore, DiCaprio and Melissa Ethridge, who won for her original song for the documentary, stressed that the issue was not political. The suggestions listed on the website are things everyone can do, even John Gibson, to decrease CO2 without harming the economy in any way.

comment: John Gibson has no excuse for his defensive distortions and attacks unless, of course, he couldn't care less about the future of mankind. Gibson needs to realize that the number of viewers ignorant enough to buy his lies is growing smaller and smaller. Maybe that's why he covers tabloid trash most of the time now. Nasty without substance only goes so far.