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"It's Out There" Lives Up to Its Name

Reported by Janie - February 26, 2007 -

Last night (2/25) Fox News aired It's Out There, a new show dedicated to the news of the blogosphere, hosted by Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers. The show covered stories originally reported in the blogosphere and how various sites covered certain national stories. While the idea of the show is both creative and innovative, the execution of It's Out There can only be summed up as feeble and biased.

With its 1980's graphics, and the feel of a late-night cable access show It's Out There kicked off last night and proved that just as all other Fox shows, it's purpose was to bash the left and promote the right.

Of course, the hosts did not present the left side in a "fair and balanced" manner. While a number of right-wing blogs were mentioned by name (including Malkin giving herself a plug for her video site), only one left-wing site's name was mentioned (The Nation), and only in connection to an interview Malkin and Powers conducted.

Malkin and Powers hosted Ari Berman of The Nation and John Hinderacker of Powerline to discuss the "flap" between Senators Obama and Clinton this week caused by David Geffen's comments about Clinton.

Powers, the "Democratic" Strategist (who repeatedly used phrases such as "far-left" while discussing the left-wing blogs) did not disclose to viewers that she, in fact, had worked for the Clinton Administration during the debate, which would have been appropriate, considering the stance she took.

When discussing Geffen's comments Powers mused, "I think he was a little over the line... Don't you think there's something a little strange about someone who is a major, high profile Democrat coming out and just bashing a former Democratic President?"

Powers, of course, helped Clinton by making this about Obama though use of the Cavuto Mark, "You don't think it reflects badly on Obama for his top supporter to be doing that?"

Malkin was in seventh heaven over this, and asked Hinderacker, "Are you struck though, by the cannibalism now on the left side of the blogosphere?" Who better than Malkin to stay on message for Fox?

The show, which will most certainly not last, is just another attempt to smear the left, this time going specifically after the left-wing blogosphere, with "Democratic" strategist Kirsten Powers, as usual, right on board to help Fox achieve that end.