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'Fox and Friends' Can't Pass Up Clinton Smear

Reported by Judy - February 26, 2007 -

"Fox and Friends" could not pass up a chance to try to smear Sen. Hillary Clinton by trying to link her to the Republican impeachment of her husband in the 1990s. With video.

Co-hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Gretchen Carlson on Monday (February 26, 2007) used articles in Newsweek and the Washington Post to try to smear Clinton with old allegations against her husband, and then claiming the senator's campaign has a "huge over-reaction" to any attack.

Kilmeade even brought up Chris Wallace's sneak attack on President Clinton when Clinton appeared on Fox News.

But Kilmeade was inadvertently funny when he claimed that George Bush ran on a promise that he would "restore integrity to the White House."

How could he say that with a straight face when Dick Cheney's chief of staff is on trial for perjury, the administration has lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, lied about Saddam Hussein's link to 9/11, and on and on.

The three stooges of news were so enthralled with this story that they brought it up twice in their two-hour show, and they seemed to relish the opportunity to talk about it. In the first hour, Doocy commented about the presidential primary race, "Oh, it's really getting juicy."

If they wanted to talk about the presidential contest, "Fox and Friends" didn't have to focus on the dirt. They could have enlightened viewers with some stands on the issues, taking a cue from Paul Krugman of The New York Times who says instead of a popularity contest, the news media could use the race as an opportunity to really question candidates on the issues.

As he says, the press turned the 2000 race into a popularity contest and look what that got us.

Here's video from the second hour of "Fox and Friends."