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Does Fox Ever Speak Positively About Democrats?

Reported by Donna - February 26, 2007 -

It seems that Fox jumps at every chance to put down Democrats whenever it can. Today on Fox News Live with Gregg Jarrett he spoke with David Drucker, Staff writer for Roll Call. The first part of the segment was putting down John Murtha, the second was building up pseudo Democrat, Joe Lieberman.

They kept pushing the idea that anyone who is against the war in Iraq is taking the chance of being 'too far left' and having electoral problems when in reality 2/3 of the population of the U.S. is against the war in Iraq. Or is Fox saying that 2/3 of the U.S. is now left wing?

During the part about Lieberman, Jarrett said, "Joe Lieberman wrote an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal scolding his fellow Dems (Comment: Again, the nice nickname for the Democrats) for all the legistlative maneuvering, urging them to stop undermining Patreus and the troops and giving the new strategy a chance to work. Is that going to resonate with any of his fellow Dems?"

Drucker answered, "Likely not. There are a few Democrts that will respond favorably to that, but Joe Lieberman now is really unique amongst Senate Democrats and mong most Democrats on Capitol Hill (Comment: Now, that's an understatement) in that he still supports the original intent of the president's Iraq plan and is willing to back it.

Um...and of course he has more political (unintelligable) now that he was reelected as an Independent from Connecticut and doesn't have...in a way he can almost threaten he might switch to the GOP one of these days if he gets too much trouble with the Democrats who he still votes with. So, is it going to make a difference? No. Does it help Republicans rhetorically in making their case? A little bit."

Comments: Again we have a Fox guest mentioning that Lieberman may threaten to switch to the Republican Party. I'm still waiting on favorable coverage (given that Fox is supposed to be fair and balanced) of a Democrat who doesn't agree with the president's plan on Iraq.