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Cavuto Warns About the Cost of Tackling Global Warming But is Silent on the Cost of the Iraq War

Reported by Melanie - February 26, 2007 -

One of the segments Neil Cavuto hosted today (February 26, 2007) on Your World was a roundtable discussion about whether, "Al Gore's global warming fight could cost big bucks." During his intro, Cavuto said, "Is America gonna go broke because of it? Implementing the so called Kyoto Accord alone could cost up to $400 billion."

Comment: Ah, ain't that sweet? Cavuto's worried about your tax dollars, right? Then why hasn't he warned his audience about -- or even mentioned, for that matter -- what we might ultimately spend on the war in Iraq, which "some say" could top $2 trillion?

Hint: This isn't about money of course. It's about convincing your audience that Democrats are expensive. People needn't know that George Bush is spending $11.5 billion per month in Iraq.