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The "You People" Batch of Hate Mail

Reported by Melanie - February 25, 2007 -

Here is a fresh batch of pathetic hate mail that landed in our inbox between February 4 and February 23. We also received one email meant for Fox News. How anyone could confuse our website with Fox's, we'll never know. Anyway, here they are with the original spelling and punctuation intact. The names have been deleted to protect the ignorant and hateful.

February 4/No Subject

To who ever is in charge of the Circus there?

It is people like you who have twisted the truth, lied, and just really are UN-AMERICAN.

ALL I and many, many other people have to say is “If you don’t like it, GET THE FUCK OUT”. If you need money for passage please let me know and I will gladly contribute to it.

Newshounds- HA! HA! Instead of watching the stories that FOX News has, why don’t you watch the news channels that do most of the Lying and Spinning CNN, MSNBC, and of course all 3 cable news channels?


When Steve Doocy thought it was alright for the Bush administration to listen in on terrorists contacting American citizens and vice versa, it could be that he was thinking about Clinton's Eschelon Surveilance System which allowed the government to monitor ALL AMERICANS even if they weren't associated with terrorism. The terrorists that Clinton allowed into the country so they could kill over 3000 on 9/11 seemed to be none of Clinton's concern. There's no telling how many future mass murderers he allowed into the country because no doubt thousands of them avoided the Bush safeguards because they came in when the FBI was forbidden to investigate them, thanks to Jamie Gorelick preventing the CIA from sharing information with the FBI. So, do you really like Clinton who allowed over 3000 to die on 9/11 because he didn't want to prevent the terrorists from coming to America and overstaying their visas?

February 7/Subject: Very Appropriate for You Leftist Poodles.......

Join the Kennel Club for $10/mo.

February 7/Subject: The forgotten ones, the ones that don't give up! (This is for Fox News.)

I am requesting an interview, concerning a wrongful murder cover up. A cover up involving The Sedgwick County District Attorney, Nola Foulston, Judge Paul Clark, and Judge Richard Ballinger. A man named James A. Penn jr. has suffered for 7yrs. in the Hutchinson Correctional Prison for a crime he did not commit, a crime in which Nola Foulston will not relinquish at all cost. The State of Kansas will be liable for damages in the millions, and beleive me, "they are very aware of this. " My name is Teresa Penn, the wife of James Penn, and a one woman army. Bill O'Reilly Factor, Nov 6, 2006 Video (10:25)/The Kansas Meadowlark/"The Shame of Kansas." O'Reilly Factor Unresolved Problem Segment on Dec 27, 2006 Video (4:50). Sedgwick County District Attorney blocks Kansas Attorney General. The 30 charges against Tiller ignored in Wichita. Factor follow up segment: more on Dr George Tiller/ Guest Megan Mosace, Topeka. James Penn's story is also titled, "The Shame Of Kansas." On Nov 9, 2006 James had a 60-1507 hearing that ruled a violation, which stated, " James Penn's due process of the law had been denied." This ruling was made by Judge Paul Clark in the Wichita Sedgwick County Court House. James Penn proved this to be a fact, with documentation that he himself had drawn up and submitted to Judge Paul Clarks court. A appointed Attorney whom prosided at that Nov 9, 2006 hearing had not drawn up any defense in behalf of James Penn. James Penn has been fighting Pro Se and the court still appoints a Attorney regardless. We have proof of James innocense and a staggering story behind it.

February 7/No Subject

What a slime ball, I'm glad Fox ousted this un American jackass. If he and the rest of the American hating NBC staff would help with the situation instead of feeding the lefties, we might get the upper hand on the situation.

February 9/Subject: phoneys.....

You speak of Fox being fake and phoney and slanted but what do you think you're doing? Especially trying to make Rosie "good and acceptable" over those you name on fox. Get a grip. You're just as phone..............

February 9/Subject: also (This is from the same person who wrote the above email.)

I watch Fox so you don't have too for me...because you would give me your brand of it...Which you have NO CLUE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

February 9/Subject: job security

Thank God for FOX News, you dopes wouldn't have any work... LOL

February 11/Subject: Paranoid

You seem to be reaching for something in your article about Bill O'Reilly, Tyson, Obama. Keep trying. It ain't working. The word "paranoid" came to mind as I read it.

February 11/Subject: trash

Wow, you guys sure know how to manipulate the news and take every little slip up and put it on your website to make people look like idiots, not left wingers though I might add. I think I could even do what you do.

Here's a question I pose to you: If Fox News is so bad and so biased, than why does it get many more viewers than CNN and a couple networks combined? All Fox News did was fill a void in a media that is predominantly liberal, and the American people have showed their support for that change as ratings show. Likewise, why is the radio flooded with conservative talk show radio hosts? Liberals have tried, but failed. That's because, frankly, no one wants to listen to their bs. I can't believe intelligent people such as yourself actually buy into the liberal ideology. You guys just don't get it.

February 14/No Subject

What is wrong with you people. You are wrong on EVERY story you comment on. Grow UP! YOU are what is wrong with America. Please leave my country alone.

February 14/Subject: bias

So you watch fox news to point out their bias? So their bias is wrong because it is conservative? I guess everything coming out of msnbc, nbc, cbs, abc, cnn is fair and balanced? You have one, network that is favorable to repubs and conservatives which obviously bothers you. Or maybe the fact fox has more viewers that the others combined. Look you have your biased liberal anti American, anti-military, global warming, moon bat kook, networks(plural). What is your point of your website?

February 20/Subject: Keep up the good work!

I recently discovered your site. I cannot believe the pure joy it has brought to my life. The wholesale liberal paranoia that permeates the postings herein are classic. Please, please continue your fine work. It is so encouraging to experience, first hand, the influence (on the Democratic Party) of folks who actually, with a straight face, embrace the positions of fruitcakes the likes of Sean Penn, Cindy Sheehan and Barbara Streisand! You go girls!

February 20/Subject: VOTING FOR RED EYE

I can’t make up my mind.

If you had just left it at Gutfeld being ignorant instead of qualifying it by mentioning the Earth’s age

I would have voted for that.

February 20/Newshounds..how appropriate..

..cuz' the only difference between you folks and a puppy, is that eventually a puppy will stop whining. 'Draft Gore?' Isn't he the high school kid who graduated, but just couldn't stop hanging out in the parking lot? .. in his SUV? LOL. A bunch of 'knuckleheads'...not an ounce of common sense in your group. But, keep it up...it is very entertaining, if nothing else. Thx

February 21/Subject: You people make me sick

I came across your website by mistake and I just about vomited. I watch FOX news but I also watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and many others and you will never get an unbiased side of the news from any of these organizations. But for some reason you people want to single out FOX news.

If you idiots had any sense at all you would look at all media and try to report unfair or biased treatment of the news by all news agencies. But you have decided to pick a side which in my opinion is worse than any of the news agencies because at least they are doing it for money while you idiots are doing it because you are stupid and have mistakenly chosen a side based on news reporting. This is pitiful that the people in our country have evolved to this

February 23/Subject: FOX News

Keep drinking the KOOL-AID!!!

February 23/Subject: Amazing

Your dishonesty shocks even me and I have seen about all there is to see. Hopefully you are at least having fun fingering your delusions.