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The Big Story? How About No Story!

Reported by Chrish - February 25, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

Julie Banderas’ Big Story last night 2/24/07 was quite miniscule. Julie, attired in an eye (and camera) catching black and white print dress and high black boots, was also sporting some flashy “bling.” She began and ended her show with reports on the tornado watch and other “wicked” weather in the Midwest.

During the show she had three almost identical weather segments which featured the same aerial shot of nothing happening in Memphis. She introduced the first weather piece by saying “more severe weather, wow” after which, speaking to the Fox weatherperson, she said, “I know you’ve been watching the watches, but wow, this is a big one.”

The other “big” news item, covered at great length during the show was (you guessed it) Anna Nicole Smith. In introducing Fox correspondent Todd Connor, Banderas said “Todd is live in the Bahamas and, wow, I guess all the key players are going to the Bahamas…” Banderas then interviewed Eric Redding, the author of “Great, Big, Beautiful Doll, the Story of Anna Nicole Smith,” about what Anna would be thinking of all the current controversy. Eric, who was very reverent about ANS despite the salacious material in his book, said that Anna would have wanted to be buried in Hollywood near her idol, Marilyn Monroe. During the discussion Banderas showed the perfunctory shot of ANS writhing on her bed with cameras snapping. ANS was also discussed in a lengthy segment with three lawyers. Julie did manage to work in a question about Brittney Spears who is still in rehab.

Banderas did have a political discussion, about the proposed Democratic legislation on Iraq, with Democratic strategist Michael Brown and Republican strategist Ron Kaufman. Banderas asked Kaufman if this legislation, to start drawing down troop strength, would be “political suicide.” Kaufman replied that if we send the message that we shouldn’t be in Iraq, it would be a “disaster” and “every thinking person knows it.” (Comment the majority of Americans – the real thinking people – do not support this war) To Banderas’ question about a withdrawal putting the troops at risk, Brown said that all we want is to “keep the troops safe and bringing them home would ensure their safety.” Kaufman then went through the usual GOP talking points about jihadists wanting to destroy our culture and how this is why we can’t walk away from Iraq.

Banderas commented that “she didn’t understand” why Joe Liebermann doesn’t change parties because “a lot of the time he seems to agree with Republicans especially about Iraq.” Ron explained that her statement just wasn’t accurate (comment: when has accuracy ever been important to Banderas!) and that Liebermann was in agreement with Democrats on every other issue. Meanwhile, the chyron read “Joe Liebermann might switch sides.”

Comment: Banderas’ “Big Story” managed to avoid discussion of really big stories like the abysmal conditions at Walter Reed and the Scooter Libby trial. I’m surprised she didn’t discuss the Obama/Clinton dust-up as it would have been an opportunity for more Fox smearing. I’m surprised that she didn’t do something on the Oscars as that can be a bit tabloid. (Fox doesn’t want to remind viewers of Al Gore’s popularity?) All I can say is WOW!!!!!

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla