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Oprah Doesn't Get It; Olbermann Gives It to Her

Reported by Judy - February 24, 2007 -

Oprah Winfrey deserves a big black eye for allowing Bill O'Reilly to come on her program to talk about missing and sexually-abused children, and then failing to ask him about his cruel comments that Shawn Hornbeck must have enjoyed being kidnapped and sexually abused. Although Oprah doesn't get it, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann does. With video.

On his "Countdown" show, Olbermann, on Friday (February 23, 2007), revisited the O'Reilly appearance on Oprah for the second time this week. He already had named Oprah his "worst person in the world" for having O'Reilly on her show and not asking him about his Hornbeck comments.

This time, Olbermann asked the Oprah show for comment on whether a deal was made with O'Reilly not to ask about the Hornbeck comments or his being dumped as a keynote speaker by a foundation for missing and exploited children. He got a basic no-comment back.

Olbermann's graphic used the word "disgrace" to describe O'Reilly and Oprah, but his audio was even harsher, calling O'Reilly's soul "an ethical garbage dump" and lambasting him for now claiming that his remarks about Hornbeck were taken out of context by "far-left loons."

Olbermann also asked Mark Klaas, father of the murdered Polly Klaas and founder of beyondmissing.com, about O'Reilly's comments. Klaas' take was basically that O'Reilly says provocative things to keep his audience and that O'Reilly fails to understand that children are not "mini-adults" and should not be held to adult standards in responding to their captors.

"It's up to us (to protect children). It's never up to the kids," Klaas said

It certainly should never be up to an "ethical garbage dump" like O'Reilly.