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Dick Morris Gets His Clinton Bashing Fix From John Gibson

Reported by Deborah - February 24, 2007 -

Dick Morris joined John Gibson, 2/23/07, to discuss the over reported story about Geffen, Clinton and Obama. There was nothing new to report but Gibson gave Dick Morris a chance to agree with Geffen's comments about Hillary. Then Gibson immediately followed with a " Sandy Burglar" segment complaining that Berger wouldn't be getting a lie detector test.

Morris gave Obama a little dig claiming that it was a smart move for Hillary Clinton to challenge him because " he can't say he's above the battle" and " it brings him back to earth."

Gibson brought the exchange back to the Clintons asking Morris what he thought about Geffen's comments about Bill and Hillary. Morris gleefully agreed that Bill Clinton was reckless taking the country through a two year impeachment not adding the Republican's role in that insanity. Morris opined " Obviously the Clintons prevaricate more than others. Monica?" Morris was into his Clinton state of mind and couldn't stop the stream mentioning how Hillary had even lied about Chelsea on 9/11 saying she was near the WTC but was actually at home asleep.

It looked like Morris could have gone on for hours with examples of Clinton lies but Gibson cut him off abruptly to do a short hit job on Sandy Berger or as FOX likes to call him " Sandy Burglar".

Gibson claimed that Berger got a pass and there would be no lie detector test administered.He asked viewers, "Are they just being pressured by Democrats to dim the lights on Bill Clinton?" Gibson then offered Berger an opportunity to take a lie detector on his show.

comment: FOX just loves having Dick Morris around. Just mention the Clintons and he's off. Morris seems to know something about prevarication considering the news that came out today.